How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

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How many years have you been here?

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I've been here since the beginning.
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Postby alvathair » Tue Jul 12, 2005 8:26 am

i think just after i finished high school in 94... a friend of mine mentioned this was like... forgotten realms and d&d and stuff..but online..

one of my first memories was seeing some conj with a 2k fire soloing wall elites... i just thought..this is the coolest thing ever.

over a number of wipes etc... i've been in a couple of guilds... wyrm... imphras etc. i played medevia while this place was down..and it was hell..

i play sojourn still because of the relationships i've formed here.. my guild is like a 2nd family in some wierd way...and my aussie mudding friends are like drinking buddies from school. We have history, we have culture, we have toril.

tai, loshe, alv.
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Oh ? I've always been here, just taking a vacation ...:P

Postby Mistari » Sun Jul 24, 2005 10:13 am

Hmm, Where did I come from, I guess Copper is too vague, I followed Kris and Eileen wherever they went from the old days. I have always loved mudding, many a weekend off of work, were spent on Sojourn. Many many many. The first day I got my old p90 (cost over 3000 dollars back then...), I got my worldnet account, logged on the BBS, poked around, and found the [M]uds section, i tried it, and was hooked instantly. The world in its entirety, the players, the staff, all made it feel just so comfortable. So many a night I would sit in the basement playing, over and over. I had met some wonderful friends here, one of which I still have, but he no longer plays. But the players were the main thing that kept me here, the friendly folks. The staff was great (even admin'd for long while), and loved playing, helping, and just all around being around everyone. After countless years, I am back though. Once again to prove I can still type 120 WPM and not use triggers !

Cya all around soon :)

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Postby Stamm » Sun Jul 24, 2005 11:29 am

Hmm, well, I only started playing the Sojourn family of muds fairly recently. Perhaps 6 or 7 years ago. Whenever it was that Duris 2 came back. (It could be as short as 4, I'm not entirely sure of dates).

I've been mudding for a very very long time.

I first connected in 1988 or 1989 to Myst, on dial up from a school computer. Back then it wasn't really possible to mud from home unless you had a massive amount of money.

It was when I got a home connection that I really started to lose all my time! Even then I was running up £150 a month ($250) in phonebills.

From there Sleepless Nights, Discworld, Luminous Horizons, Duris, Sojourn, then Duris then Sojourn, and now Toril.

So that makes it um, 16 or 17 years. Christ.

Edit : Sorry Shar, I'll answer your original question.

Before I came here, I had been told about it by many other people.

I'd heard that it was a mud that took itself seriously - also that it had Gods with attitude problems (which muds exactly don't :P). Of course I was hearing that from people that hadn't made it here due to lack of ability or interpersonal skills, as well as people who did love it here just taking a break.

I'd heard that it was of the highest quality, and difficult, and wasn't ashamed to be so.

When I came here I was very impressed. Room descriptions weren't just a necessary evil. Travelling the lands was difficult. There were no smurfs, wombles, or ridiculous other stuff.

I started by rolling Stamm, and found myself in Mithril Hall. It _really did feel_ like I was way up north, up in the mountains.

Lilithelle was the person that helped me the most here, as I'm sure many others will also say. However I did know her from outside of her, when she played Duris. I also knew a few other people as well.

Unfortunately I didn't take a great deal of time to fight through the levels, and it does seem that these days the difficulty has somewhat diminished. I've heard that in previous wipes there were people who couldn't make it past 30, but kept playing. That, when you look at some of the LP and the ilk out there with 10,000 levels, zones that are just killing fields, remorts and all sorts is a very attractive thing to me.

The reason why I stay here is the sheer scale of the mud. Take 5 minutes and think how large the game is here. Think yourself from Ice Crag castle down to Calimport. Try to imagine a game of hide and seek (nolocate flagged on everybody of course :P). Combine that with the quality. There are muds out there with larger numbers of rooms I'm sure. None of those will have anything like the same quality of descriptions, or just anything like the scale or feel.

So to summarise... Quantity, Quality, Difficulty :)

Hope this hasn't ended up too long.
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Postby Ranon » Fri Sep 02, 2005 7:49 pm

Old topic I guess, but I was here from very beginning. I came right before the very first wipe and switch from mana system. Ah... those were the days...

Original character pre-wipe was named Kirill - Humar warrior (nobody knows or remembers cuz i barely got to 10), after Sojourn came back - Ranon - dwarf warrior, never really had any alts, always been same race/class, even through useless times. Started along with Modu, Mikayla, Garosh, Xyzom, Deidrit, Cerze, Jihad, Lugonn, Regnarami (oh yeah what? :), of course not as old as Serro, Brunthar, and Sao. Oh those were the days.

Deidrit and Cerze adopted a poor dorf named Ranon, and taught him everything they knew.

P.S. On another topic, I DID inherit Garosh's doomie for a short while until Kris took it away cuz I had too many artis (3 at that time).

P.S.S. How come you people forgot to mention the first Roots trip when Sao, Garosh, Serro and Brunthar horribly lost all their shit, numerous times... Rand written a pretty good story on that, I wish I had a screenshot.

P.S.S.S. And let's not forget Garosh's epic Imix victory :) or Modu being 36 and just getting stone in EM. Or how about KT?! Anyone remember that chaos?! :) Or first Jot trip failed (later on of course), or our guild quest for which we were hated, but 3 days of no sleep, loosing 6 levels and 2 sets of EQ was nice, especially not knowing what will come at the end. (sorry CS, not our fault!!!) :)

Aww... almost made me tear up, but I'm glad some people are still around, I just found anc contacted tons of people from old times, and it was pleasant to say the least. I miss you all.

-- Ranon
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Postby Rynlaeis » Mon Sep 12, 2005 10:26 pm

The first MUD I played was around 1999, I think.. or maybe 1998. I started out on a MUD called Dreamscapes, I had a lot of fun there for awhile, it was small but I really liked the people there back when I played. I don't know how it is now, but back then it was a blast. A number of them played here as well so I got into this sort of at the same time, in parallel. That was around my freshman/sophomore year of college, and I ended up getting very busy and sort of turning my attention to other things like some games I wanted to code and such. I spent a little time imming on a little PK MUD called Firoc which was inspired by Duris; that was a lot of fun for a few months, but it didn't last all that long.

I pretty much stopped mudding altogether after that, just spent my time coding and doing other junk.

Then I came back to Sojourn 3 briefly when it came up, but quickly ran out of time again. I haven't played since then.

Maybe someday I'll get some time again, but I'm having too much fun doing other things now I think.

In truth I think I had the most fun on Sojourn 2, although it seemed strange that there was no real archery place on Evermeet, I really enjoyed going on arrow runs to Baldur's Gate, grabbing gear for my lowbie grey elf friends, etc.
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Postby Zukal » Wed Sep 14, 2005 5:31 pm

I played Soj1 shortly, it was my first mud. Then I got into a mud called Asritya, it was nothing compared to this but was a much better mud for a n00b like I was (and in some ways still am). I dinked around in Toril1, but didn't come back for real until soj3. So, Technically speaking I've played for 10 years, the last 4 or 5 more actively.
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Postby Kallinar » Fri Nov 04, 2005 10:18 pm

I started in like 1994-95. Me and Bilraex were roomates using the same bbs and whatnot in Va. Beach (Cupids BBS) and like Bil said, was a door game. Started as a Barby Zerker (I still miss them) named Gulraex...a name which still survives to this day in one incarnation or another.

I keep coming back for lack of anything else to do when I am unemployed at home or like right now when I am bored to tears at work and have access.

Oh yeah and there sure are some fun people too.

I go and come depending on what life throws at me but I always come back. For example, I am back now because I found out Homeland "merged" with Toril...therefore it was the only place that felt right to me. For now.
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Postby Ambar » Sat Nov 05, 2005 6:10 am

Kallinar wrote:I started in like 1994-95. Me and Bilraex were roomates using the same bbs and whatnot in Va. Beach (Cupids BBS) and like Bil said, was a door game. Started as a Barby Zerker (I still miss them) named Gulraex...a name which still survives to this day in one incarnation or another.

I keep coming back for lack of anything else to do when I am unemployed at home or like right now when I am bored to tears at work and have access.

Oh yeah and there sure are some fun people too.

I go and come depending on what life throws at me but I always come back. For example, I am back now because I found out Homeland "merged" with Toril...therefore it was the only place that felt right to me. For now.

holy crap .. who were you on stupids?

I was Little Angel
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Postby Kallinar » Tue Nov 08, 2005 6:00 pm

Hrmm...I was Crawdaddy...I forget who Bil was..I think he was Sh00f...and after Sean moved out Moondoggie (Jer) was my roomate.
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Postby Kallinar » Tue Nov 08, 2005 6:01 pm

oh hey Jen give mike a smack on the head for me too :twisted:
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Postby Kallinar » Tue Nov 08, 2005 6:03 pm

and make sure it doesn't hurt too bad
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Postby Vena » Fri Dec 23, 2005 7:30 am

Hi, my name is Vena and I started here in 1996, during my 3rd year of college. I was a paladin (I chose the class based on the fact that I didn't want to actually kill anything for no good reason, but if it was "evil" I could get on board with it) with a lame name (very similar to my real life name) and my ex husband (Trendor) got me started. I used to level up with my ex and his brothers mostly because I wanted to save my marriage by spending time with him. Needless to say, it didn't help as I just got more addicted to this and less addicted to him. Lucky for me, I got to keep my entire retirement to myself and Toril in the divorce. It's great to be a girl.
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Postby anrad » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:57 pm

I’ve been playing Toril since about ’95 when it was soj1. I found it doing a net search for Forgotten Realms sites/stuff since I had read so many of the books. Being text based, Toril beats any graphics based game because Toril exists in the imagination of one’s mind’s eye where one can conjure a monster much more terrifying than anything a graphics artist can come up with. Unlike pkill muds that are dominated mostly by punks and bullies, Toril depends on cooperation and exploration facilitated by building relationships and a reputation in order to find acceptance among a group of experienced regular “zoners”. Although I have been playing a long time, I haven’t had the online time for more than an hour or 2 at a time so I have been mostly exp-ing trying out and building various types of character classes but have recently had a chance to zone on occasion. I feel like a newbie again in some respects but the game is still a blast and probably my main hobby and entertainment. The game keeps expanding and there are still many places I hope to visit and many character types I hope to play. I wonder where they find gods and admins to put in all the work to make the game run but I am glad they do. This game is still a blast
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Postby razax » Wed Jan 04, 2006 4:18 am

Must say this is the first mud I have ever played, played heaps of other games. First D&D game I can recall playing was Pool of Radiance and I really enjoyed that, played a bit of dice and paper based too. Been playing with machine since the days of the spectrum ZX and haven't stopped yet. Came here looking to get back to the good old days of imagination not the high end graphics and sound, which have their place, but more the games where you have to visualize and think.

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Postby Rathe » Tue Jan 17, 2006 4:30 am

Started playing on original Sojourn 12 years ago almost to the day. Sojourn was my first MUD and only MUD (not counting which ever variation passed for it).

I remember: back when everyone started in WD and there was still a mob factory; when drow could see in daylight; even when they had languages (was only in for a short while, but was killer idea and would like to see again someday).

Sojourn always has and will be my only MUD. Would like to hear more from some of the old timers.

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Postby amolol » Fri Jan 27, 2006 5:31 am

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when finished cut the eggs in half and serve with the dip... it may sound bad but it is oh so good...
i dont know what your problem is, but i bet its hard to pronounce
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Postby Galzar » Sat Jan 28, 2006 3:53 am

lets see i was here before the beginning back in the days of alpha some friends got me hooked been here ever since
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Postby Minofagal » Mon Feb 13, 2006 4:31 pm

I can't really remember exactly when i first started playing. I know it was in highschool and when you only had a 28.8 dial up modem (if you where "cool"). A friend told me about the mud, he found on a BBS. We all played D&D on Sundays and this was a way to play everyday. Was tough though cause I tied the phone line up for hours on end and my parents started restricting my internet time and I just dwindled of playing. Throughout the years I would come back from time to time, but played mostly as a time killer (and was high alot) so I don't remember too many details.

I did find a mud at one point that allowed you switch your stance (offense, nuetral, and defense) according to your role in the fight. We had guild halls with guild only items that you could invoke and it had a "word" or recall type affect that put you in your guild hall (really cool). And our guild leaders name was Kelemvor. This was my first lvl 50 character and after I that somehow I ended back here a couple years ago. I played for about a year but had some personal troubles and took a year off.

Now I've been back since right around the new year! And hopelessly addicted again :D
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Postby flib » Wed Feb 15, 2006 7:05 pm

hrmm stareted on toril 1 like rrmm.. 95-96..? somewhere around there was around for mystra and order of the wyrm and all that crap (I ran into their guild hall guards so many times heh was in menden if I remember right). i remember hasted weapons :P sbd was the shiznet! :) my thief could hit 4 times heh. so ya.. like 10 years or so toril was first mud i ever played friend at college turned me on to it.. he was playing thramorg and valamier back then his brother played too heh claist but since about toril 2 havent really seen either of em but I stuck. First character I made was a human thief named sarlin I got him to 33 I think heh.. took me about 9-10 months.. then lost his straightback dirk cuz I dropped it and mystra rebooted as I was tryin to get it back *mutter* strangely enough im at the same lab in the same college right now.. :P
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Postby Vipplin » Tue Mar 07, 2006 10:44 pm

Cyric wrote:I was in the AF in January of 1995 when a friend (can't remember his character's name, but he was a bad-ass 6th level thief...Vadian?) introduced me to the game. I'd just gotten internet access at home, and this was the best thing since sliced bread, being a long-time DnD'er. I got my best friend (Caracal) involved and the three of us would "group" and do the goblin king and surrounding stuff for hours on end. His stupid scepter was my first piece of "treasure", and I still remember getting it with pride. Burunga was my first and only character, I took the first stats I rolled, and ended up with a constitution of 46, meaning I wore every piece of +con gear in the game. I continued carrying that +con azalea for my entire career pretty much.

I spent most of my XP time in BS with Altren, then ended up forming Wyrm with my buddies late that year as an alternative to Eye Aeternum and other "l33t" guilds. Other than that my most notable achievements were being one of the standard "help, Shabay screwed us over" clerics, and being able to be the universal diplomat in resolving Mystra disputes. Decided to try writing a zone in 1996 and The Evermoors and my career as an areas wank were born!

It's interesting to see how many folks have been here forever vs. how many new players answered the poll. Means we are great at retaining old players, but not good at either getting or retaining new ones. Like someone said, we all got here through friends, so please spread the word. Heck, tell your kids to stay out of the sunshine (causes cancer) and MUD instead!

Heh, I can't remember that little thief's name either. I didn't play him very long, tried out a monk as well. I ended up playing a paladin and a sorc (Vipplin). Sure loved that sorc.

I guess that means I started late 1994 if I got Cyric hooked in Jan '95. I'd started a rogue because I'd played a thief on a pkill mud a couple of years before that (Tsunami) and loved the class. I found Toril (then-Sojourn) because I was interested in mudding again but Tsunami wasn't around anymore (at least the one I'd played). I picked it because of the F.Realms / D&D flavor.

I've played off and on, some serious gaps due to RL.

Why have I stuck with mudding?
- I don't have a group of local friends to RP with IRL (I've moved 5 times and had 2 kids since 1995), and mudding works
- I enjoy the lightweight coding associated with the necessary use of zmud
- No blood and gore for the kids to view looking over my shoulder while I play :D

Why Toril and not some other mud?
- I initially tried a few other ones and this one seemed to suit me.
- I liked the class variety and depth
- ability to save eq
- EQ focus helps people get adventurous to find new stuff
- Size and detail of the mud, plus its use of FR as a reference helps overall consistency - I love to explore new areas
- Gods are involved and at least of late seem to hold fairness as a virtue
- players generally help each other out, competition isn't the focus
- quests are cool, little ones, big ones...
- no pkill
- I get to bug Cyric once in a while
- rp opportunity mostly voluntary (e.g. food/drink now) but also somewhat imposed (e.g. name authenticity) - I think we have a good balance here

What do I dislike?
- repetitive xp - I try to mix it up, but oy! (plus losing xp sux but apparently it is a necessary evil)
- fear of losing eq permanently when exploring (yeah, could take a lvl 1 but it is _way_ more fun to explore with primary char)
- quests that are harder than they should be to figure out due to being mined promptly each boot (hrm, woulda thought that mob would have something...guess not).

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Postby thedarcsage » Mon Mar 13, 2006 3:29 am

I'm back yet again. It was an all out addiction to DnD that started in high school in 1996 filled with goat sacrifices to the gods of DnD @ St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, CA and races to the local public library to claim the throne that controls the computer with telnet access. It was a fascinating way to interact with the Forgotten Realms, a world which I've only experienced through books. As with anything in life though, too much of anything ended up disastrously for me in my negligence, so our little band of mudders made a vow to leave torilmud forever.

Eventually, other things came up and I popped in and out of Torilmud, even while playing in the early years of Everquest (*gasp*). Even that corporate, money-making machine couldn't satisfy my hunger for DnD based RPGs where Torilmud could.

Years later, after more adventures in reality, I still find an affinity for Torilmud, maybe something akin to nostalgia. I've never made it past lvl 27, but it's fun and I'm glad to see it still alive and going strong! I'm pretty sure I'll be checking in once in a while.
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Postby Aedes » Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:36 pm

wow....I can't believe I remembered my login info.

I used to play here religiously before the evil known as EverCrack......from like 1994-1999 (college years). I have always played my Paladin.....Aedes Persicae, Knight - Mailed Fist.

The guild should tell you how old I am to Sojourn...heh.
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Postby Ragorn » Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:59 am

Aedes :(
- Ragorn
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Postby zusuk » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:32 pm

I first started playing as Uriel.. a grey elf sorc WAY back about 10 years ago... I'm pretty sure I was 16 when I started and now I'm 26. I stayed because I met some girl on here that I hit it off with :p My first MUD crush. I think the most memorable time I had was when I made a Barbarian warrior by the name of .. shit I can't remember his name.. like Raucous or something.. and the god's had a quest to hunt some demon down... and the whole MUD was searching for it.. so guess who found him? Me! Heh, I told the highest level group about it, they came and beat it.. then gods transferred that group + me to them... They loaded one item of our choice.. so all the warriors got a lustrous golden-red ring that was +2/+2 and everyone wanted it from me.. so I traded it to some high level dwarf warrior for an emerald longsword and the harm sword and a bunch of other items..

Oh that reminds me of my sorc, Selwyn... he found those lizardmen in the caves that give you stone potions.. well way back in the day, those mobs couldn't see in dark, so at 26th level i would extenguish my lights and kill them off one by one, light the room grab potision/money.. i eventually got area spells, so i started area'ing them... then repeated until i got all the way to 36th level... very fast too.. i started telling other people about it and they changed them :P had a GRIP of potions, traded them to some badass monk for a bunch of eq... i can't remember that monks name...

So anyhow, I came back after a long time off as zusuk, and turxx/turra where the ones who took care of me... i tried goodie, but the evil peeps i interracted with where -very- friendly and helpful...

now i sit all day in CM killing orcs for their plats.. and when low level evils consent me for group, i remember turxx/turra fondly :)

Ah memories
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Postby Aedes » Fri Mar 31, 2006 6:39 pm

Ragorn wrote:Aedes :(

why the sad face?

Actually.....I rolled up another char, Aederon, and am going to get the name changed back to Aedes when I reach the same level.

After all....Aedes is 189 years old. :)
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Postby Draaz » Thu Apr 20, 2006 7:14 pm

HI! Draaz here. Yes the original one and only. :) I did a search for sojourn and draaz on google and found that a few people still remember me. I'm going to make a new thread, who remembers me and see what happens. :)

Dlur wrote:I started in '94 or '95 and found the mud by searching for Forgotten Realms material on the internet. I logged in, got frustrated initially, quit for a week, came back and tried again. A very helpful monk named Waza noticed I was having a rough time of things and got me on the right track. Soon after that I started hanging out with Sangdraxus, Hadjan, Astansus, Tastone, and the rest of the soon-to-be Bloodstone Gang. After a while I got bored of human life and switched to a troll. There I met numerous wonderfull people and skilled players such as Anga, Urz, Grimulk, Jukahn, Wug, Mumba, Drakkoth, Serrala, Gogan, etc and joined the Dark Alliance. Years later as the Dark Alliance started to fall appart I migrated back to the goodie side after bankrolling my move with dragonbone bracelets and gear from the Ghore palace. I started hanging out with folks like Elscint, Marforp, Dohrum, Tagad, and many other great people that I still consider to be good friends to this day, even if I don't talk to them nearly enough. All of this lead to me meeting some EA people such as Draaz, Modu, and Jaeb(who I had already known from my troll days), and then during one fatefull Chaos Xmas when Draaz and I took on most of Crimson Sigil and beat them I gained the respect of quite a few CS people and got asked to group with them quite a bit. With the CS crew I met more amazing friends such as Adriorn, Toddrick, Kurz, Lloric, Daeron, Jerthal, Berc, Tavon, Dayn, Sjesko, Menoch and the rest of the crew. I stuck with the CS people for quite a while, right up until we tried forming the Riders of Twilight, and after that fell apart I moved on to greener pastures.

I skipped out on all of Soj2 due to having my own thing going, but when a couple of key friends from Toril and Soj1 showed up on Soj3 I came back to play with them for a while, until they got bored again and went back to RL, which I did in kind.

The challenge of the game, the insane CRs, the races against other factions to succeed, and most importantly the friends that I met while playing the game are the reasons I stuck with Soj/Toril in one incarnation or another for so long. For me to come back again, however, I would need to have many of my old friends back again, particularly Adriorn as he makes me laugh non-stop for hours like nobody else.
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Postby Lnarb » Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:10 am

I started Sojourn/Toril back in fall '95. I've been around on Duris/Basternae since then and am back on Toril again...
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Postby Dartok » Thu Jun 08, 2006 2:30 am

Jethrus, Ross (whatever he goes by now), and I were all playin soem hippy crap mud called Overdrive for a long time and it closed so we started lookin at other ones. We started playin some place called Realmsmud then we all ended up here. Dunno when that was..but Ross was in college so it must have been what 1980?

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Postby Malia » Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:47 pm

Dartok wrote:Jethrus, Ross (whatever he goes by now), and I were all playin soem hippy crap mud called Overdrive for a long time and it closed so we started lookin at other ones. We started playin some place called Realmsmud then we all ended up here. Dunno when that was..but Ross was in college so it must have been what 1980?


Im not that old ya bastage! I didnt even graduate highschool till 89! I think i came to this mud right at the begining im thinkin 1993 or 1992 something like that. I played a monk named Athorn, Druid named Lyena.

Took a really long hiadus right after they first put in Greycloak, as the muds first split and monks lost quivering palm 1x per 3 rounds. I came back bout 6months after soj3 had started up. Rolled a ranger realized how bad they suck and rolled a cleric Dala. Got bored tried a few other classes then rolled Pava and just loved the class. I still play pava!
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Postby Pril » Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:18 pm

Malia wrote:
Dartok wrote:Jethrus, Ross (whatever he goes by now), and I were all playin soem hippy crap mud called Overdrive for a long time and it closed so we started lookin at other ones. We started playin some place called Realmsmud then we all ended up here. Dunno when that was..but Ross was in college so it must have been what 1980?


Im not that old ya bastage! I didnt even graduate highschool till 89! I think i came to this mud right at the begining im thinkin 1993 or 1992 something like that. I played a monk named Athorn, Druid named Lyena.

Took a really long hiadus right after they first put in Greycloak, as the muds first split and monks lost quivering palm 1x per 3 rounds. I came back bout 6months after soj3 had started up. Rolled a ranger realized how bad they suck and rolled a cleric Dala. Got bored tried a few other classes then rolled Pava and just loved the class. I still play pava!

Graduated highschool in 89? You old bastard! I was 7 years old in 89! FOOL! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Anyways just here to call Ross a geezer.
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Postby clinnenkamp » Sat Jul 15, 2006 11:37 pm

I started playing on a huge lynux mainframe at my college late 95. I walked by the lab every day and always saw the same guys sitting at the terminals every day before class. They are great guys and still play and they showed me how to roll my first character. We would have up to 7 guys on the same IP playing at once (ping menzo a jillion times), Sorry Kiransalee :twisted:
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Those were the days, xp was hard to come by, fight the elites!
EQ was even harder to get, a real accomplishment to get. shout 29 conj looking for group to do BS!
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Postby telor » Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:29 pm

have been here off/on for 10-11 yrs, seen this place have it's ups and downs, met/played online with my RL wife <Zandrea> we both enjoyed playin here as a break from RL, looking forward to good things to come!
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Postby Alomlim » Mon Jul 17, 2006 12:57 am

I started playing as Alomlim in 2001, got hooked by a friend who played Findorp/Kroth/manyalts. I had just quit my highpaying software job and was making 50% less money so I switched my cell phone off, my beer to Pabst Blue Ribbon, and my gaming habit to Sojourn.

Got totally hooked and put in many pdays as Alomlim, Soroth, Vhagar, and Vhagai.

I was AFK for a lot of it but I really enjoyed the tiny Drunken Bandits and Friends scene: Molor, Tsaen, Aederis, Garal, Lalen, Lilen, Muma, etc.

If I can remember any of my char pw's I might cruise in for Toril 2.0, sounds really fun.
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Postby Wulv » Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:00 am

I started back in 94, played with some buddies of mine in college on the wonderful island of Evermeet. Then I remade cuz I took a couple months off to do finals and work and when I came back I rolled up Jnar, the Bodyslammin Barbarian Conjurer and met some people who would hook me on the mud FOREVER...they were Burunga and Altren. Then I met the rest of the Dragons from Order of the Wyrm and hung with them for YEARS to come then I disappeared when the EVIL game Ever-Crack came out and was lost to the for YEARS and then fell under the sway of WoW and then finally last year broke free of that have been floating around every since. I did a couple brief reappearances here but now I'm back again and just want to say "LOVE YA ALL" to my old friends and I'm hopefully gonna be playing again. Damn real-life keeps throwing up roadblock on me 8)

Peace Out
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Postby Sizzraxxil » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:07 pm

Oiy.. I started sometime around '95. Was introduced to it through a friend in high school. Got hooked pretty fast and introduced it to my brother who also got hooked pretty fast. Kinda played on and off for the next 7 years or so. Only had two real characters that I played. Played as Jibble on the good side (and ended up being outcast.. by accident mind you.. although it turned out to be a good thing) before one of the wipes and then played as Sizzraxxil on the evil side later on.. up until a few years ago when I kinda lost interest a bit and started to pursue other things in life.

Still think about the MUD from time to time and all the fun I had playing it for years and years.. just haven't been able to find the time to start playing again.. :(

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I'm Back!!

Postby Colith » Tue Oct 31, 2006 4:54 am

I started here in 95, as a college freshman in NM. A few friends got me on some random muds, then saw someone in the lab playing sojourn. Loged in and never went anywere else. Started as Merto, the human warrior, then played Carab Shemp, Human Thief, member of Order of the Wyrm

Took a few years off, then came back again in 99/2000 as Colith al'Varen, human enchanter, and my only char to get over 45. After S3 shut down i left, got married, and randomly found my way back here again, now as Lelec, and brough along my wife, Ihha.

Say hi if you know me!
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Postby Kenon » Wed Nov 22, 2006 6:45 pm

A rl friend of mine had been playing sojourn and he introduced me to mud
after it had split into toril/duris. He suggested I started on toril cuz there was
!pk so I did. I had just read the lord of the rings for the first time so I rolled
a halfling and got instantly hooked on the game after the exciting journey
from hobbit hometown through fields of dead/troll hills and to waterdeep.
After my first adventure to undermountain following someone named Varia
I think I was totally hooked. Great ansi color, big pbase, helpful high levels
and playing with my rl friend was what kept me here.

I got to like level 48 barb warrior, 42 human cleric and 24 halfling thief on
old toril before my rl friend dragged me over to duris where I got even
more hooked cuz of the intense full pk/loot and playing a drow elf in
the Underdark. (I had now read FR books about Drizzt and literally thought
I was Drizzt heh)

I ended up staying on duris all those years only to stop by toril/sojourn
for brief periods.

I'm not gonna get into it much here, but I consider duris dead meat now
and I've recently discovered toril again and I must say I'm impressed. It
seems to actually have structure in game design and a proffesional imm
staff that doesn't cheat. (my conclusion is that full pk/loot breeds cheating)

Your help files seems to actually be updated.

Your newbie town scardale + the newbie tutorial is GREAT.

You got high level players willing to help out newbs.

The standard of ansi, mobs, zones, quests is miles above that other place.
(The zones almost seem "alive" due to zone echoes, mobs doing emotes
and saying stuff)

There seem to be active imms here.

You actually put in the news the changes you do to the game. Doesn't
seem to be any "midnight coding" where u add stuff that messes with
the game without the players knowing.

Little details like only mobs flagged tracker will actually follow you out
of a room. Sentinal mobs actually being sentinal and not lure able by
ancient bugs like the doom/immolate lure "feature" on that other place.
Being able to abort spells, prioritize spells. etc etc etc, all those little
details that you guys have actually looked into and designed properly
that been totally overlooked on that other place.

Oh, and last but not least: That toril 2.0 stuff looks AWESOME, man I
can hardly wait!

The only minus I can see here is that lowbie exp is too slow. I'm having
major problems recruiting more duris players to play here cuz they get
demoralized by slow exp. If it was possible to get them hooked by having
lvl 1-30 easier it'd be a bigger chance for the new players to stick around.
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Postby Malvareth » Mon Mar 12, 2007 2:07 am

I started mudding on some small and undistinguishable hack-n-slash mud with no real theme or purpose called AustinMUD, held together only because the playerbase consisted primarily of Danes and was the only mud with a mostly danish playerbase. It was a fairly poor mud so once I found out there were others, I started trying them out, but this was around the time when online gaming became good (must have been sometime in the late 90ies) and I got caught up in things like Quake and Diablo. Then later it was Everquest, and I noticed a lot of similarities to the basic Diku code (mainly the socials which were often direct copies of the stock Diku socials), and a bit of research revealed that the creators of Everquest were inspired by a mud called Sojourn.

I tried it out, foolishly making an ogre as my first character and quickly deciding that this rubbish mud was just ridiculously hard. I gave up after a few hours of countless deaths and continued playing graphical games for a year or two. Then I got the cravin' for muddin' again some day and remembered that Sojourn (I think it was called Toril by then) at least had a large playerbase, and so I tried again, making a paladin this time. It wasn't so bad this time around and I played for a few months until that paladin was level 33 and my illusionist was 20. Then I found out that real roleplaying existed in muds as well, and started playing on an RPI-mud for a couple of years. Rules on such muds are very strict and you'll get punished if you have a hack-n-slash mindset, so I began playing part-time on Toril again when I felt like just killing stuff for no reason. That's where I'm at now.
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Postby Drogga » Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:18 am

Found Sojourn in 1995. my first and my last MUD :P. Well i was in college and 1 day i found out my friends were playing this textbase game i dunno about. so I asked them how to play the damn thing. Create a character name Elang (barbarian berserker). I was bad with English, move from 1 room to another room using FLEE :P... manage to scatter my corpse all over WD. and in the end stuck here for years :P
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Postby Nerzul » Wed May 16, 2007 5:23 pm

Started way back on sojourn beta, maybe 1992-1993 when I was 12-13 (god that was a while ago). Neighborhood friend got me into it.

Made a human assassin named custarios and got him to the mid 20's. Then I switched to a troll warrior named Nerzul, whom I got to 50 like 800 times, and lost it 800 times thanks to Glaman, who was my troll shaman counterpart and would routinely pull every damn nasty creature in the vicinity to me thinking we could take them all.

Some notable accomplishments of mine, for those that remember.

-Last leader of the swamp hunters, before the closing of the mud due to the kanthas, bratlii, Mystra, Lloth fiasco. We were actually just about done our "artifact" quest that Lloth had us on, and kinda screwed us on that one.

-First person to really explore Dusk Road and learn about all the fun quests and cool items (like that decent stiletto) that were there.

-First person to find the location of the Manscorpion zone when it went in. Found it the hard way.

Name wise, recognized a few of the evil people names. Turg especially. I think he single handedly saved more people's equipment from that first Ruins of Yoth Oloth fiasco by popping teleport potions and dying 50+ times til he was able to loot the key and get lucky!

Switched to duris after that last pwipe, then to Basternae2. Mostly play World of Warcraft these days.
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Postby Inames » Tue May 29, 2007 7:06 am

i didnt really come here from anywhere, the first MUD i ever played i played for bout a week then didnt try again for bout a year, i dont remember if it was my cousin(Wodat) or uncle(Duard) that intro'ed me to Toril, but my cousin says it was my uncle... hrm, i coulda swore it was me cuz though...

anyways, my first character that i made when i came here (err, in late '06, mighta been september or so? i dont remember..) was maneris, an extremely poorly rolled(i didnt notice you could reroll before accepting) grey elf ranger, my cousin gave me some crappy gear from OHP to start with, which when i rerolled my ranger i just passed off to him before deleting maneris, i probably rolled my ranger 4 times since then trying to get stats i was happy with.

as to the point of why i have stayed... on my second or third ranger, i met faval, we were doing all sorts of things together while we were in scardale.. i met up with lilithelle soon after, she gave me my first good weapon, a slender elven moonblade.. i soon after got a fiery mace from my uncle as well as a decent bow i still have from someone. after being friends with lili for a while i finally rolled my main character, inames. when i made him lili started bein my best friend in the game, she taught me alot and helped me get started really well.

ever since i started playing i have made good friends, some great, and i have made some enemies, which i am sorry i did but a couple have come over to be my friends lately which im happy about.
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[Ele 50] Itanul (Grey Elf)
[Inv 50] Aleadis (Grey Elf)
[Bar 50] Ashire (Grey Elf)
[Cle 50] Isila (Grey Elf)
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Postby Teyaha » Wed Aug 22, 2007 12:16 am

i started beginning of 96. it was just a few months after the first diablo launched. i only started playing because it was the only way i could communicate with my then fiance because her phone was always busy from being online. it stuck even after she broke off the engagement in a tell....

i havent touched this game in three years, and being a total retard apparantly all my crap is on a lowbie alt whose name i didnt write down. but i do have some seriously fond memories of this place especially my friendships with alvathair, tesi an drabyl. today's mmorpg's just cant re-create that sense of community no matter how hard they try.
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Postby Sundara » Wed Oct 03, 2007 7:36 pm

I came from an old abandoned shack living life with the rats. Tunnel Rats to be exact. I developed a sectret panel that lead two ways. Light or Darkness. I was the head mistress of a black underground network however, I grew tired of darkness and sought the light. And now after all this BS I just fed ya, a brother of mine introduced me to a mud known as Sojourn; my very first mud in the early 90's then all hell broke loose.
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Postby Vooku » Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:48 pm

I started off on Arctic mud in the early '90s. Had a lvl 30 warrior named "Mjollnir".

Switched to Sojourn in the mid '90s? and leveled a barb shammy named "Rynuk" to 50.

Quit Sojourn with some others that started a new mud called "Exile Mud." Played a mud called "Darkover" for a year or so. I _think_ I had a lvl 50 merc on Exile mud and a lvl 50 Zerker on Darkover. Been so long I might have those muds mixed up.

The guy that started Exile played as "Kulak" on Sojourn. One funny story I remember was when we were fighting in the arena once and a few imms were fighting / watching along with us. Lathander dropped must have dropped his stuff at one point and Kulak picked it up and went exploring. Kulak was 1-shotting pretty much every mob in sight until he stupidly attacked a fire-shielded mob and died from it. Some how an imm was alerted when he looted his corpse and saw the staff... the fun was over. Haha.
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby flib » Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:02 am

insane how so many people have been enraptured by a game for so long. Myself being of the twelve-thirteen year variety as it stands now.. I remember checking my time I've logged like 4 months of rl time on the current torilmud incarnation between my characters, I know that's not too much for many of you more hardcore cats but dang.. 4 Months.. that's like going into cryostasis from december to april hah.
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby Urlryn » Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:03 pm

a few may remember me...I do remember a few names here on the forums.

Alazar the Human cleric (Eye Aeternum) hell I can't even remember how to spell this thing!
Jearth the Gnome Sorc
Ilak the Barb Warrior

Well i've been on and off again since the beginning. Play, level, chat with friends, and get bored and poof for a bit.
I've always seem to come back to see who's around and who isn't. Miss alot of my old friends. Some who have kept in touch a bunch who haven't!

I remember the days of doing the old zones back with Joth, Alby, Dakirn, Varia, Jerra, Kurz, Asamoth, Doqa Dayn, Noke, Mikar, Toddrick, Xaril, Jansha, Trilca, Catalya, Kyntara, Kelieia to just name a few....or sitting around the fountain listening to Rand and the lot of us being goofs, telling stories, or bitching about something! hehe.
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby amena wolfsnarl » Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:45 am

I've been playing toril for a fairly short time now.... Not even a year yet. I started mudding by playing on a couple years back. Never really got to into it, highest char i ever had was lvl 21. Than one day i downloaded the trial CMUD and saw the torilmud symbol on there. I had always liked forgotten realms a lot so thought I would give it a go....
well here I am, fully adicted to it :). I started as a barb warrior named Kajar and decided that u needed gear to be a good tank and as a newb i had nothing but scardale gear (killed a lot of beetles in scardale to buy it too). So i decided to try a shaman (Pazak) out seemed like a kewl class. Its now definetly my favorite all around class right now :). Yeah thats where i came from and how i got here.
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby Kegor » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:52 am

I first started playing a little MBBS game called Tele-Arena 3.0 back in the day and saw the full evolution to 5.0 before MajorMud took over where I was also a very script oriented player using Qmodem Qbasic oriented scripts generating enough gold to sell for credits on the board to never have to buy any and give some to my friends. After that and a nice vacation from computer games alltogether, my brother (known as Zortan in early to middle Sojourn days) introduced me to Sojourn/Toril. Since that time I have only ever briefly encountered other MUDs or other internet games with the exception of Tradewars 2002. Taking elongated "vacations" from Sojourn/Toril periodically throughout my now 13 years with the game, I now enjoy not having much to do with it at all other than being a stat bot.
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby Adriorn Darkcloak » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:21 pm

I started mudding on a Swedish mud called Styx in August of 1992 after an acquaintance spoke to me about MUDs. I then did a search on Lynx on the old text-only Yahoo for Forgotten Realms MUDs and found this place. I've been playing it since late 1992. I kept playing it because Rangers one day would get the trap skill...

I keep playing it today because Dlur holds my soul and one testicle hostage.

P.S. Where are you Dlur? Where are you Smirn? Where are you Sjesko?
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Re: How long have you been mudding and where did you come from?

Postby mynazzaraxxsyn » Sat Jul 26, 2008 12:52 am

I started just before the Alpha to Beta wipe. I played quite a few different chars back then, finally settled on my Monk, Lavey. After the duris/sojourn split and monks got the gimp I came back as a cleric until after 5 years of using the name Kia and someone else found a post of mine and realized where the name came from and forced me to change. I went as Dethsin after that I think, but couldn't get the time of day from anyone. Came back as Mynazzaraxxsyn the squid. Been playing off and on, possibly on now.
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