What lvl 50 Lich has seen

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What lvl 50 Lich has seen

Postby Lim » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:10 am

This character has seen the following parts of the world: (and in the order he saw them in)

-BG (my orig home town)

-some crazy dwarf place that I have no idea where it is (nor should I care it seems as nothing there is worth going after (which is sad))

-WD (center of the world)

-BGR (low level exp )

-Monastary ( low level exp )

-DS (exp center of the world which is oddly enough near WD)

-PS (secondary exp center)

-Brass (moritheil groups of goodness)

-Jot (moritheil groups of goodness)

-SF (crazy expedition grouping)

-Calimport Desert (for the life walk quest)

-The places the Lich quest takes you

-VT (my new home town)

-Izan's (just today for a zone group)

So of the many many zones on the mud that is all this guy has seen / needed to see to get to level 50.

Certainly one can say: oh you could have gone and seen the world and experienced those other low level and mid level areas.

The counter to that is: what is the point? You are just wasting your time doing that stuff. It doesn't make your character any better, as all of the gear from those places is deprecated by higher level zones. You don't need that gear to be able to survive in the higher level zones due to

a) massive twinking of gear
b) paying 10pp on the auction and getting an item from a much higher level zone that is much better
c) for a caster (which I am playing) gear doesn't make me cast my spells any better or help me do my role. Realistically all I need are my spells. (which is probably another whole thread )

And "seeing" those zones while MAYBE increasing your self edification doesn't help you what you are going to be spending the vast majority of your time doing; zoning in high level zones.

So I followed the path of: level to 50 so you can go hang out with everyone else and get phat gear. And that path does NOT include anything except exp zoning (DS and PS) and buying stuff on the auction.

I really wish I could have seen all of the great content that has been created but sadly the game does not reward one for doing that.

To sum up:

I look at the places my character has seen and I think that is pretty small amount.

What is interesting is that quests got me to actually see a bit more of the world. Sadly both of those quests were more "end game" this is the best reward you can get for questing.

There would be no way I would do a mid or low level sojourn quest. The reward more than likely would be far far less than spending that time exping and getting plat for auction.

And it really sucks.
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Postby Lim » Mon Feb 07, 2005 1:11 am

One quick and low "hanging fruit" idea would be:

Make the HIGH end staves and weapons and things that people are questing for DEPEND on lower level items that are quested.


level 10 staff
level 20 staff
level 30 staff
level 40 staff
Level 50 uber staff

So now I have a "lifetime quest" for my character to do. As I level I constantly have something I know I want to be trying to complete.

Everyone wants the level 50 uber staff and the various staves on the way up are pretty awesome. Well worth getting.

Sure some people are going to choose to powerlevel to 50 and then go back as a level 50 guy and rock the zones to get the lower level staves.

But hopefully the quests on the "way up" are part of what is the optimal path to leveling. (otherwise what is the point. Just wait til you get to 50 and get it easily)

And don't make the quest one of the STUPID* (and it is stupid) let me wander around the mud and tell words to mob and hope I hit the correct keyword. Have the GM (when I go to learn skills) tell me: "hey <characterName> , You have not gotten me the <components> for your <item>. "

Boom character is put onto the quest. Knows (from talking with others) that the item is worth it to get. And doesn't have massive frustration of asking random mobs in a zone random keywords in the hope of getting a quest.

*If you still don't believe this, then think about how these types of quests work. Only the FIRST time the quest is "done" is it interesting. Once it has been done, the steps for quest completion are going to be published for all of the "connected" players. So everyone except the newbies, which are the people that we really care about, know the exact steps of how to do the quest. (NOTE: lots of ways to make unique quests per character, but doubt that will ever happen here :-( )
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Postby Grunelda » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:12 am


I read your posts several times now, at first not sure what they where about since everything you posted is quite well known and has been hit upon on several of threads/topics over the years. It easy to level up some classes in 10-15 pdays anymore.

Unlike you I did not feel compelled to do the "most effecient" things or go for the "phat" gear on the way to lichdom or level 50. The reward in the game for some us is not loot or status. We still climb the mountain, behind one who has gone before and can still be enraptured by the view.

You essentially chose your path from many available. It seems maybe your ability to be creative within the boundries of the mud are kind of limited. Your goals were very narrow and your learning experience was derived from those goals. There are other places to xp, fun places to challenge your skills. Maybe the mobs hit harder, or its difficult to get to - or you might even be taking a chance a funky self CR.

But at the same time you might have learned valuable skills/info about the mud. You dont have to depend on the "In" crowd to feed you information or to mine coins day and night so you can buy your quests or quest items.

I wonder if any of the leaders on the mud followed your ideas/goals if you or anyone else would be zoning? There are a lot of other people that would say you missed out on the greater reward over loot and status. They would have left long ago after getting thier phat gear. But instead they repeatedly help the rest of us learn from thier experiences.

Sure it seems that leveling as quickly as possible is THE answer to things and that skipping the wonderul enviroment created for the mid-levels is necessary to do so. But thats just impatience. Some of us have seen many places on the mud hundreds of times. And yes its nice to quickly level a alt to fill a spot in our friends groups. But ask the majority of those ppl how they got there and they will have a long story to tell you about thier first trip to success. Not just DS/Spririt Raven and the Auction house.

I disagree.

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Postby lintral » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:24 am

There's no shortage of 50th level characters. Not even 50th level liches. I found something else to take pride in.

[50 Necromancer ] Lintral Carcophan (Human) (RP)

Kill statistics for Lintral
Exp % Name

Was a lot of fun to pull off.
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Postby Grunelda » Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:26 am

Woah, nice Lintral!

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Postby Corth » Mon Feb 07, 2005 3:23 am

lintral wrote:There's no shortage of 50th level characters. Not even 50th level liches. I found something else to take pride in.

Your missing the point...
Having said all that, the situation has been handled, so this thread is pretty much at an end. -Kossuth

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Postby lintral » Mon Feb 07, 2005 4:05 am

Not at all. The point Lim is making is that there's no reason to diversify. That it's quite possible to gain a high level character without gaining actual experience, as opposed to the numbers that most people push to gain the most of in the least amount of time.

It's a problem. It's been a problem, and it will likely be a problem for as long as the mud is running. I agree, I'd like to see a meaningful trophy system where you are forced to travel about to hunt different things. Think of the difference in the players?

Regardless, the choice to power level or choice to explore and diversify is left up to us.

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