Menzo !!! Real Fun Place to Play

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Menzo !!! Real Fun Place to Play

Postby Nilan » Sat Apr 30, 2005 8:19 pm

Hi Hi Guys,

Just wanna say I really enjoy the Menzo zone and all the zonelet connected to it. I been having fun with all the quests there and there is lots to play with.

Just want to say for Drow coming to the game its a awesome town to choose as your hometown. Its near all the underdark races hometowns. Its in a great spot in the underdark for exp and adventures. Its got tons of quests, even young new players can do. Its pretty much got something for everyone.

Heck if i wasnt Vhaeraun's Hand and liked spiders I be doing those rp citizenship changing quests myself (Shhh Vhaeraun, you didnt hear that).

Anyways, these new homeland zones are great fun. I urge folks to explore and try some out. In the underdark, got tons of new zones. Also I liked Lizard marshes too. Course I always liked that one when I played on homeland/exile.

Go out, explore, have fun.

Thanks Homeland Gods and Players for making this possible.


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Postby Rihesesassixiz » Mon May 16, 2005 10:14 pm

If only I knew how to get to Menzo from DK :(

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