This seems so wrong

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This seems so wrong

Postby Thilindel » Thu Jul 21, 2005 8:50 pm

< 547h/547H 119v/120V >
< P: std > e
A Thick Forest of Evergreens
Exits: -E -S -W

< 547h/547H 118v/120V >
< P: std > w
The Edge of a Thick Forest
Exits: -N -E -S

< 547h/547H 117v/120V >
< P: std > A Small Clearing in a Thick Forest
Exits: -S
A young pixie darts about the area examining everything in sight.
A brown skinned elf stands motionless in the shadows.

< 547h/547H 116v/120V >
< P: std > cas 'power word bli' pixie
You start chanting...
Out of nowhere, a curious pixie stabs you in the back.
YIKES! Another hit like that, and you've had it!!

< 325h/547H 117v/120V >
< TC: nasty wounds E: pixie EC: excellent P: std >
You complete your spell...
A curious pixie won't be seeing much in the near future..

Don't you wish you had the reflexes to notice and decifer someone's spoken word, and before they're done uttering it, race up behind them and stab them in the back? I'm find myself being envious...

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