Mob areas, procs, etc

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Mob areas, procs, etc

Postby Drache » Sun Apr 23, 2006 6:36 pm

Got wondering about players against mobs for area spells and so forth. When a player areas, mobs are out of the blast quite often. When a dragon buffets, some get it some don't. When mobs area, you ALL eat it, same with dragon breath. Just why is it mobs will connect with all players by default and players cannot do the same to mobs? Given the example that some procs hit and some miss from mobs, this seems quite weird to say the least.
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Postby kiryan » Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:44 am

The reason player area spells don't hit all mobs is because it was purposefully limited by "blast radius code". This was done I believe to reduce power of areas (less targets = less damage) and to create single target damage / targetting opportunities. If every mob gets hit for the same damage every spell then all the mobs die at the same time and targetted damage is next to useless.

mobs' area attacks do not go through any kind of a limiter. this is why their spells hit all players.

in the situation of buffet, I believe the players "missed" are missed because they made their save vs something. Some of the mob "area" attacks are designe to hit only a specific # of players or to be a random % chance to hit or miss. Dragons can I believe single stream their breath weapon, cone it (hitting 3 or so people) or area it hitting all players, but this has nothing to do with mob vs player limited / unlimited targets, it has to do with what the dragon wants to do.

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