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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby sotana » Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:49 pm

Ashiwi wrote:Reason to RP in this game has been gimped at every turn, and as far as I can tell, staff no longer actively supports RP in any form. There are a few token gestures, but this game used to be an RP-encouraged game, and is no longer. Personally, I don't even see it as RP-optional. It's about as RP-optional as wearing a superman costume is optional to do your shopping at Wal-Mart; they won't arrest you for it, but nobody understands why you do it, you're bound to be ridiculed by the more vocal of the people who observe you, and those who aren't vocal about would still look at you like you're crazy.

I have to disagree with this statement. I don't have much time to mud nowadays (*cry*) so I miss a lot of good stuff but I attended an RP session just last night and had a blast. In checking RPNews it looks like there have been regular staff-sponsored events and attempts from the staff to create RP interaction with the players (at least I assume that's what the 'sightings' entries are?).

I do agree that there is not a lot of consistent player support for RP. Even though who RP showed a healthy number of individuals with RP togged on, only the same few names show up over and over again in the RPNews entries, and in my own RP over the past few years, I have run into some of what Kelly's talking about in her Superman costume analogy (although how people can complain about a druid chick wearing nothing but a grass shift, I just don't understand!).

It appears the staff is trying, and some players are trying so I don't know that the answer is giving up yet one more piece of the attempt to create that immersive world. I think it would be helpful to hear what the people who have RP togged on but don't participate in the advertised RP are looking for. But that's an entirely different thread! :-P
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Lilira » Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:13 pm

RP happens. You just have to look for it. Its posted in RPNews.

On a side note... we're considering it again...

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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Gormal » Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:21 pm

RPNEWS wrote:2008.06.28 Questing
- Azik, Ewiril, Lilira, Lorsalian, Nilan and Sotana bravely set
forth into Undermountain and exited a rabbit hole. According to
reports, it was uneventful. Just ask the bunny train.

2008.05.03 Questing
- Bogroc, Lanot, Lilira, Lorsalian and Nilan met up with Lasin
before setting out on a far-reaching journey.

2008.04.05 Questing
- Ewiril, Lorsalian, Nilan and Teej delivered the ransom in time,
so we may never learn what the kidnapper meant by the phrase, 'Parts
is parts.'

2008.03.22 Questing
- Ewiril, Lorsalian, Lilira and Nilan discovered that crime does
pay, but it can also help find a cold trail.

Is Nilan evil or neutral? My character swore to kill him if they met again, so I can't show up to RP events because the one place that evils/goods are allowed to work together is the one place where it doesn't make any sense. I understand that people want to participate, but too many people are willing to try and justify why their character would be there rather than play it as it should be. All of these gold auras happily playing along with red auras doesn't do it for me, I have a hard enough time justifying getting along with antipaladins; liches are another no go for me.

I had to sit down and really flesh out a reason that I could be friends with Nonox for the last Tel'Arato, and even then our characters were constantly at odds.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Gukov » Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:38 am


I've been wondering if it wouldn't make sense to make Lich a race rather than a class. I've thought about making a Yuan-Ti lich for some time, and find it kind of silly that I wouldn't be able to group with goodies just because I'm not a human. I don't really know much about lich RPwise but... a lich is a lich is a lich, right? Are human lichs in FR supposed to be less evil than yuan or drow lichs?

Anyways, seems like a logical way to get around some racewars barriers that probably don't make sense in the first place.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Gormal » Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:38 am

That wounds like a lot of code work that would only benefit a couple players.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Thilindel » Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:14 am

Not all too sure how much code work it'd be, honestly. It is really really dumb that a mob would give a flying crap what race you were before your fanatic self suicided into a lichy! Would some good or evilrace hostile mob feel better if it were a human mob, rather than a drow or yuan that life drained them into oblivion?
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Gormal » Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:05 am

You'd have to code an entirely new race... that's a lot of code.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Disoputlip » Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:24 pm

A lich is not a lich.

E.g. a dragon that becomes a lich is a dracolich, and a yuan-ti that becomes lich still can't wear earrings. You don't grow ears just because you lich.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby shalath » Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:20 pm

Disoputlip wrote:A lich is not a lich.

E.g. a dragon that becomes a lich is a dracolich, and a yuan-ti that becomes lich still can't wear earrings. You don't grow ears just because you lich.

No, but you can fashion your own and spend 1000 years enchanting them to become a part of your undead skeletal corporeal existence, because you can.
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Kegor » Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:32 am

I just read the title to this thread and didn't read anything anyone has to say here. This reply alone in this thread has wasted 10 more seconds of my life on this very topic again that I would have rather spent elsewhere. Enough said. :)
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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Zoldren » Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:19 pm

RP for a reason not to do grouping restrictions based on alignment vs race is a cop out.

RP & FR allow for GOOD DROW, and EVIL ELFS and GOOD trolls and EVIL dwarfs

yet with Nilan being pure evil how can you say RP allowing him to RP with GOODIES in our "no evil with goodies" world fits?

Do it by alignment. Period. Liches and Paladins in 1 group are you freaking serious?!? Where is the RP in that?!?!/

And oh ya people are ALWAYS going to play what ever race/class they enjoy doesn't matter which race is the best race for that class. for their own reasons.

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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Nilan » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:38 pm

I find in interesting that those that do not roleplay feel the need to comment on what they believe Nilan's RP or character is, and whether or not he should be 'allowed' to RP in this Toril world. Not that I feel the need to go into it in depth on this thread as doing so would compromise some of the things Nilan is doing with regard to the RP campaign here.

Suffice to say, the stories I have posted should give enough of the basics, and in some cases, the depth of Nilan's RP character. Yes occassionally, he works with good races and yes with good reason. Nilan serves Vhaeraun, he lives on the surface, and is very much working on and interested in bringing more of Vhaeraun's people to reclaim what was lost long ago by the drow peoples.

Although he appears to work alongside some good races, Nilan has his own reasons for doing so and they are motivated by his God and his peoples.

Nilan's RP character has developed over many many years of RP on this game. It is his own character and none have the right to stick him into a box and dictate how or when he should be allowed to RP on this game.

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Re: Evilrace/Goodrace

Postby Teyaha » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:11 pm

segregating a miniscule pbase like this one isnt a hot idea in the long run

if 2.0 doesnt revitalize the mud i should hope shev reconsiders this entire issue

but perhaps i'm being too logical when this game is clearly run and played by peoples emotions.

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