Learning the Warrior Trade questions

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Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Teklar » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:31 pm

I've been making a new warrior.. well 2, so I have 2 sets of questions :) (Possibly long message)

First one is Tahur my now lvl 33 Troll Warrior which is equipped as this:

Level: 33 Race: Troll Class: Warrior
Age: 10 yrs / 14 mths Height: 85 inches Weight: 289 lbs
STR: 100 AGI: 92 DEX: 100 CON: 100
POW: 46 INT: 67 WIS: 66 CHA: 54
Armor Class: -65 (100 to -100) Agility Bonus: -19
Magic Resistance: 0 percent
Hitroll: 20 Damroll: 14
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Saving Throws: PAR[0] ROD[0] PET[0] BRE[-7] SPE[1]
Wimpy: 100
Load carried: Not a problem

<worn on head> a studded iron helmet
<worn on eyes> a crescent shaped silken eyepatch
<worn in ear> an iron stud earring (illuminating)
<worn in ear> a copper stud earring (illuminating)
<worn around neck> a coiled vine collar
<worn around neck> a cloak dazzling with shimmering lights
<worn on body> an intricate suit of Red Dragon Armor
<worn about body> the mantle of the Viper Raider chieftains
<worn about waist> a mithril clasped belt
<worn around wrist> a bracer of woven silver
<worn around wrist> a netherese bracelet
<worn on hands> a pair of gold plated gauntlets
<worn on finger> a sparkling opal ring
<worn on finger> a swirling band of air
<wielding twohanded> the enchanted dread gythka of the thri-kreen
<worn on feet> a shining steel pair of sollerets

I need to get my Hit / Dam roll up alot more, I mostly play Solo but will do groups if I get the chance.. anyhow I need to up those and work on getting my AC to at least -80 at the same time if possible with a potion -100.

Any recommendations on things I could possible kill for to gather myself or watch for within reason with someone that doesn't own 10k plat? That can help carry me through my mid-levels?

Second question is of course for my Goodie Gnome warrior which is about same level and same issues.. Hit / Dam. Also, have questions of lighter weapons for the Gnome warrior that can manage more then 3d5 damage? ..

Any help is appreciated.

Tahur (Troll warrior), Peppobboppadol (Gnome Warrior)
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Re: Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Disoputlip » Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:46 pm

Especially with your evil you should definitly group.

The job of the troll warrior is to xp all the others.

Don't worry if you think your gear isn't up to groupage.
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Re: Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Teklar » Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:27 pm

I have a few problems I can see for myself grouping I haven't practiced using bash without a shield and 1h slashing weapon.

Secondly, evils I run into are many levels above me so I would be of little or no help in gaining them or helping them get xp.

In all the years i've played since the earlier 90's good or evil I've rarely found a group, people get their nitch of ones they wish to do so with and the others just play as a solo player living off auction houses for the gear they get.

So far i've been in 5 groups in all that time I can recall and never understood what the point is at the end of a few hour run and the gear got dished out to others anyways, seems a waste of my time.
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Re: Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Tasan » Sun Jul 26, 2009 4:11 pm

With a troll, you can easily move into the mid-40's solo. It won't be easy without great equipment, but it can be done.

I'm not quite sure what you mean about not practicing without a shield... bash is a single skill, and wearing a shield only increases the chance for success. Regardless of whether or not you are wearing a shield, you can still practice(though it might be painful).

Eq splits as evils were consistant with effort put into developing the evil side. The more time and effort you put in, the greater the rewards. Much of that has gone out the window now with a smaller playerbase, and you should be more likely to get upgrades to your equipment consistantly.

Be nice, be gracious and above all be eager to help, even if you don't get tangible rewards each time, because people do pay attention.
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Re: Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Ardessa Moonblade » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:53 am

I had a friend who got himself to level 50 as a troll warrior just by soloing mobs in BG. He never zoned, he hated that it was so spammy and such a frenetic pace. Troll warriors can killl most things as long as they can bash it if it's a caster.

The main thing I would recommend as a warrior is always wear a shield. Shield Block is a
useful defensive skill, so you want it well practiced. Shield Punch is good also, as is Bash. You
definitely want these skills to be !fail by the time your in the 40's. This is how you keep casting mobs from wrecking you or healing themselves.

Another thing you'll want to do by the time you get to level 40 is practice your Rescue skill
up. There are a lot of easy places to practice it, such as the shadows room in Cormyrian Mines
(6 down 2 west north from the top of the shaft). Just get a partner to practice with, walk in with blunt training weapons, and spam rescue over and over again. Rescue is the single most important skill to practice, as you need to not fail when you are tanking in zone.

People zone for mad fun (as you can do stuff with groups of 10-15 people that's impossible or damn tough alone), and also because there are cool eq rewards. It can be stressful until you really get into the groove of it. But as a warrior, your responsibilities aren't as tough as casters. You mostly just have to keep all the non-tanks from being hit.
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Re: Learning the Warrior Trade questions

Postby Teklar » Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:33 pm

Some great replys, they will help.

As for practicing bash without a shield, I wasn't aware it would notch until the otherday with success..

Groups and spam.. I agree on that point.. too much spam makes the game unplayable at least for me I can't see or tell whats going on or who is getting hit.

And practicing rescue, I suppose I need to find another warrior to help me in that department.

As for my gear I continue to watch auction house in search of body, arm and leg gear since the armor I have now is full body.

Been leveling up between DK and BG and at 36 now.
Popowidle (Gnome, Invoker), Edek (HalfElf Ranger), Calarum (Grey-elf, Druid)

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