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Postby roorg » Tue Dec 02, 2003 10:40 pm

ogres need an upgrade

why? 0 tanking ability, stupid hard to get -100 even with 100 agi
this shouldn't really be changed, its kinda what they were intended to be, as if you swung an axe at a house you would have to be moltok to miss it

how? you tell me? or listen to a couple ideas of mine, just so i dont have to listen to it, it goes unmentioned that i dont want all of these upgrades, or these specific if i knew all the anwsers id be on the beach in cancun sipping margaritas, just my $.02

1. allow ogres to headbutt giants, with embody or enlarge, both or niether
i would like to see ogre's become not just the 15th spot in a group but if we could provide something to a zone group that would be neat too. I know ogre headbutt does alot of damage, but we cant use it in zones, would be cool if we could. as im almost 9 feet tall (8.75) without embody or enlarge

2. allow us to primary wield two handers, while losing the dual wield skill, or not, in this instance. this would allow ogres to use a shield while wielding a big sword that they could probably wield one handed anyway, as they are how much more stronger than a dwarf/barbie whoever else is wielding a gythka or blah blah with shiny twinkle spikes

3. perhaps an ogre only twohander thats wicked heavy and procs something cool, similar to the class based weapons antis, rangers, rogue's, and pallies get.

thats about all i got, lemme know if someone has a better idea, and yes i know ogres are not the only class/race that needs revamping


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