whut i think

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whut i think

Postby Grxx » Tue Mar 23, 2004 3:56 am

whut i think.

Evils are supposed be harder. We are not spossa get any love. We are to be hated and discriminated against. This is why i chose evil after first begining as a goodie.

Illusionists, they are ok, i could take them or leave them.

Battle Chanters, they are silly, the idea of some little buck tusk beast tagging along behind blowing merry melodies in a flute just strikes me as... silly. Ill not say they arent a usefull class or that im not happy to have one along. I will say if we had never seen them we wouldnt be out much. I see them as a goodie spin off class and we all scoffed them as such in the begining.

Dire Riders, again, a great class to have along when they are played well. Ive seen some insane damage with the right bow and arrows. But again, they are a goodie spin off class noone would miss if we had never seen them.

Wormhole, wow, whut a time saver, but isnt it just a moonwell restrung?

Id like to see further separation and differences between goodies and evils instead of trying to make them basically the same.

We didnt have moonwells or bards or range weapons or mounted combat. We do have trolls, the mad tanks, ogres, the pure brute power, drow and duergar with our wonderfull innate abilities. We have snakes whut im told were once !bash and i think still aught to be, how do you bash a snake? And we have illithids, which in my opinion are represented rather poorly and under powered.

Illithids are spossa be the master race with serious powers. They should be able to bash whole rooms full of mobs. They should basically be unstoppable so long as they dont get hit, that should be the only short coming, the inability to tank.

Goodies and evils play a different game.

I do like the idea that humans can group as they choose. Id also like to see outcasting returned and let people group as they choose. I have played other games where good and evil were integrated, this i hated but if those who pray could fall from grace and loose their powers or something for keeping the wrong company it would be cool. Make them quest to return to their gods good graces. Those who mem from a book maybe suffer severe prestige and alignment loss.

Invasion code, heh, a never ending supply of guards? Instead each city should have a set number of guards each boot based on the population and wealth of the city. The citizens of the invaded city should also take arms to repel the invasion, so basically the whole city would go agro, well most of it anyhow. This too of course delt with a little differently with each city.

Being "locked in", this is a game, one should be able to walk away any time, well, most any time. There should be a reset command one could use instead of cring. If you reset you cant use that char or enter the zone you bailed from with any other char for the remainder of the boot. Resetting could work alot like revive only your eq returns to you and not you to the gear. Exp lost is gone forever.

The newbie zone, abolish it, enter newbies wearing thier eq and storing extra belongins in a bag. All things like vic and display all togged on and ready to go. Every level 1-10 char should get a handbook with neat and clear chapters including hows and whys, including links to some of the other helpfull newbie guides that are posted. Each time the little char enters the game that handbook should be in their inventory and they should see a short message reminding them of the handbook and how to read it. They should be aloud to recall to their guild untill level 10. This way they are without much fear when it comes to getting out and about. The book should float and not be transient, if they dont have one befor they are level 10 they should load with one, they should be able to keep the book forever if they choose.

Maps, maps should be more common and easy to aquire for every city and road in prime.

Increase, dont decrease the differences between good and evil.

Range weapons, all warriors and rogues should get a throw skill. Throw rock west, throw rock west mobname, throw light west.

Warrior skill, force, force mob west, doing so would agro the mob of course and when trying to force warrior mobs they might force you a different direction. Failing would also mean a chance you fall. This is a novelty skill, fun to play with but unpractical in use in zones, ineffective against any mob 51+ or 5 levels higher or so then the warrior attempting. Maybe make it a quested skill, we dont have any of those.

Ogres should be able to 1h most 2h weapons.

Level 50 warriors and rogues with mastered skills should get a "death blow", the occasional lethal strike to any fleshed mob, based moslty on mob size in relation to the warrior or rogue and the level and race of the mob.

And finally, my least popular opinion, ressurection killed the mud. I remember fearless nightly zoning befor ress. Soon as a few people had ress noone was willing to do anything without them. Soon as a cleric completed the ress quest they quit playing. But seeing as we got it and you cant hardly rid us of it now how bout revamping it some? Do away with failed resses all together, they are a hateful time sink. Change ress fatigue to be like you was morted, -2 hitpoints and on the way out without a bandage or a heal and no moves. These to be regenned or healed back in normal fashion.

Reenstate the need to eat and drink but with lesser draw backs tward your regen when youre hungry. Like say half regen abilities if youre hungry or being able to mem or pray for spells but not meditate. I hear people say that eating and drinking makes a difference but i dont but for novelty and i dont see enough of a difference to warrent carrying food and water.
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Postby Grxx » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:17 am

The who list, tells, the consent command and the group command should all be ooc. By that i mean unaffected by hide, disguises, daylight/darkness or invisability.
Delmair Aamoren
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Postby Delmair Aamoren » Wed Apr 14, 2004 7:13 pm

Those are some super ideas. i especially like the one about a "death blow" or "lethal strike". The idea that ogres should be able to 1h 2h weapon would be great, but rather imbalancing without a "speed" factor included.

As far as battlechanter, i remember playing NwN. There was this little kobold bard. Was somewhat useful in the game, but was TOTAL comedy relief. As far as RP is concerned, battlechanter has a wealth of opportunity.

I do agree that dire raider is an evil application of a goodie class. From what i hear, its even somewhat of an improvement. Could they be done without? probbably. it would also stop some whining. (rangers and their derivatives seem to do this a lot).

Psis should be powerful, yes. Physically frail from what i understand though. As far as they go, i see the much like the staff has previously seen things like monks. Out of place. An interesting, and dynamic addition, but if i remember right, things like psionic attacks actually hurt
psionicists much more than they hurt non psi's. I haven't seen this at all in the code here. Overall they could be done without on the evil side, with the exception that they are the only travel specialists the evils have.

That is all.
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Postby Grxx » Wed Apr 21, 2004 10:22 am

Id hate to see anything removed, especially our squids and even battlechanters and dire riders.
Squids are not only our travel specialests they are our totally unique race. I wish we had more things unique and different from the goodie side.
I also think an unlooted corpse shouldnt rot, we should be able to get to it when we get to it. Perhaps a !rot item, if you got it in your bag with your corpse it will not rot.
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Postby Disoputlip » Thu Apr 22, 2004 12:52 pm

I find battlechanters one of the easiest classes to roleplay. Mine is roleplayed like the drummer "Animal" from muppet show.

About ress fatigue, nobash yuan-ti etc: I think much of this mud is the way it is because else players misuse it. Balance is important. I do however agree we could be more different. If anyone know Starcraft then think of that.

/Gakka Boom

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