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a thought

Postby amolol » Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:16 am

so i know that the torilmud staff donot want to import an olc code due to the hassle of rewriting all of the zones....

but is it possible to have zones written on another server with an olc code and then import them in.. if so i have a few thoughts on the matter.

for a small server that will do the job $500

for a place to put it $125/month

i would be willing to pay most of the cost (depending on the wages i get i might be able to shoulder all of it.)

i love to write zones personally but the program that is being used by the torilmud areas staff atm is a pita. i think we could get alot more zones out alot faster if we were able to use an olc program. and i know alot more people would be willing to try their hand. ive written zones for 5 muds now and each one had an olc program. its easy to learn and easy to use.. however the program that the torilmud staff uses is hard to learn complicated and can be a waste of time if you dont save it every 5 minutes.

thoughts on this would be awesome
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Postby Inames » Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:14 am

ive been over the zone doc's, they are long, complicated, and somewhat difficult to understand(some poorly made examples), if there were an easier program to learn/understand for coding zones then i would be all for it :)
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Postby Marthammor » Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:22 pm

I've always done my work in notepad or something similar. I can't stand TE except to use it to see how ansi on something might look or to set up the start of a zone to get a basic zon, mob, and obj file.

We will have olc eventually. I believe its on the todo list after the 2.0 stuff, along with guildhalls, since olc and guildhalls kinda goes together.

We are making use of Homeland's olc to work on zones from there that are to be converted to Toril, but I don't know if that server will be opened up for the public to write new zones on.
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Postby amolol » Mon Apr 30, 2007 1:42 am

what im proposing is a server that ui will run and manage but that the toril admin will have full access to in the toril files. only porblem that i would forsee is that an items list would need to be copied or ported over at least a standard items list sothat we dont need to make a brand new generic steel shortsword for every zone. might need other items to properly set up uests.. but you could always use a token for the item then change the vnum from the token to the actual quest item once the zone is imped...
i dont know what your problem is, but i bet its hard to pronounce


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