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Auction Claim

Postby Thilindel » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:42 am

To save time from switching eq from one alt to the next, would it be possible to have the auctioneer have a little fee for any player to claim - given:

Auction claim (item number) Player Pword

Since auctions seem to favor evilrace hometowns respective to location, this would make it nice in not having to claim, give item to lowbie to recall then enter their respective hometown to xfer more.

The proposed way would enable most of that being avoided. Just a thought. Maybe, like having something ID'd, could have 5 plats fee for claiming with alt.

Actually, even further, this would be beneficial in having a depot where you could return another player's borrowed eq. Having borrowed eq to be returned left and picked up at any bank, or whatever shop would provide such a service.

Say x loans y something. Y decides life's too busy and can't return for a few months on some hiatus. Y can't find any of x's friends online so has no choice but rent and prevent x from using his eq.

Y could store item at bank, be it 'store item Player'. Then x could retreive 'item' player/pword. Otherwise, you're left with y borrowing, as stated, making a lowbie char, and mwriting x the char's name and pword that Y had to leave the eq on. *shrug*

Last idea that stems from this is one brought up before, but no admin said anything. Bank deposits/withdraws via proxy.

Dep x (type) CHARNAME
Withdraw x CHARNAME/Password
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Postby Sarell » Mon Apr 30, 2007 12:16 pm

I like the mailboxes in WoW. They have mailboxes at most towns you can send letters and items to other players for a small fee. Able to keep things thematic and useful at the same time.
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