Trading or selling to someone when not logged

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Trading or selling to someone when not logged

Postby Thilindel » Tue May 01, 2007 4:46 pm

Ok, since there are some aussies and other undesirables..uh, I mean other players who aren't on the same time zones - aka they play at night when the rest of the mud plays during the day -

Well, would be nice to further the trade board to where someone does have what the other wants, so you mwrite them, then at the board have something like this:

Itemstore ITEM Player x coins

- OR -

Itemstore 1.ITEM 2.ITEM(if applicable) Player 1.ITEM 2.ITEM 3.ITEM (etc.)

Then the receiver's text:

Itemreceive ITEM(s) Itemtrade $ (and/or) ITEM(s)

There are quite a few guys who are mostly on after what is 12 am for me. This would enable trades without even having to EVER play when the other is on. Tradeboard would pick up more business this way too.

Some items' names do overlap, like purple potions etc. Not sure of any important eq that overlaps, tho...

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