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teleport beacons

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:17 am
by alendar
why not hyssk?

Re: teleport beacons

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:25 am
by mynazzaraxxsyn
There was one, then the snakes killed it.

Re: teleport beacons

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:36 pm
by Kegor
Hyssk would not be neglected properly if there was a teleport beacon or worthwhile things to do there. It is just a zone to escape from, not go back to. That's how I've come to know it. So if you're going to make a case for a teleport beacon, might as well push to improve it. I'm all for a nice quest bag and a couple easy to get middle to high level utility items, but it should have some !pond eq on the vault fight and a couple more worthwhile quests.

* DISCLAIMER: This is not an expert opionion of this particular zone. There are more than a few people in the history of this game that know this zone much better than I do that might not be talking about some other things in it. If that is the case (as doubtful as it is), I still would've never bothered with it beyond the estimated 10 days of playtime I put into checking it out, other than to help with the vault fight for fun.