totems, quests, and cool ansi

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totems, quests, and cool ansi

Postby Inames » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:32 am

Idea: quest to turn old fashioned useless for anything but summoning spirits totems into cool ansi'd statful items useful for things including summoning spirits

It is reasonable to assume that the spirit you get depends on the specific mob you killed to get the item for the totem quest, therefor must have own item #'s and such, so could easily set a particular quest for a particular animal where the quest to upgrade will differ for each and the upgraded totem's name and stats would be different depending on the spirit; e.g. spirit bear/boar/etc. would emphasize hp, str, and/or con. while a crow/eagle/snake/etc. would emphasize agi/dex with less hp than a bear/boar but still make it reasonable to use, and other viable options would be max_stat for the fore-mentioned animals, and saving throw bonuses of different types on different animals.. as well as maxwis being that its a shamans primarily used stat..

I dont think it would require any coding(unless my assumption of the normal totems is incorrect), but might be a good areas project, which i wouldnt mind working on myself if people would enjoy it and the gods approve..

feel free to post comments/suggestions regarding this, what it would take for you to support this, and if you dont support it id love to hear why(cuz i wouldnt believe anyone wouldnt support it).
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Re: totems, quests, and cool ansi

Postby Klandal » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:29 pm

I tried to do this a while back. The policy at the time was to NOT allow any changes/substitutes for current totems. I wanted to allow a way to upgrade your totem's held stats while retaining the ability to summon your current spirit.

Given that current spirits have no difference in stats or properties, I would vote against having different stats for different spirit totems (unless they were choosable). Still, I would like to be able to make a shaman's totem into a viable item for a shaman to use and not just bag outside of summoning. If this becomes available to do, I'd love to be able to implement my original ideas for the quest upgrades.
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