Embracing the role of Rogues

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Embracing the role of Rogues

Postby spunionring » Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:22 pm

I know many people have a problem with the current role of rogues, but Id like to take a minute and explore their role from another point of view.

I love rogues as hitters/ninja/assassins. Personally I love the concept, the theme, the flavor etc.

However, assuming that we are embracing this role, I feel that some of their utility skills are unfairly focussed in this single class. Im talking about steal & pick lock. Id like to see these skills expanded to additional classes to be able to be fulfilled, at least to some extent.

For instance:
give warriors MUG skill (steal+hit or steal+bash attempt)
give bards steal
give psionicists pick lock (can be included in projectforce or telekineticthrust, if targetting locked exit or locked objects)
give psionicists steal (can be rationalized with psionics. +would just be funny to watch them fail :P)
give enchanters/illusionists similar spells to cover these skills (Knock lock spell!)

Basically, just expand the availability of these skills to more classes. And reduce the focus of rogues to be hitters + corpse draggers.

PS: assassinate is overpowered and should be removed if rogues are already useful as hitters
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Re: Embracing the role of Rogues

Postby Adriorn Darkcloak » Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:27 pm


Give rogue backstab (and circle) a much higher damage multiplier, but limit backstab to 1x per mob.

Leave assassinate as is.

Increase the amount of trapped items in zones.

Lower rogue dual wield to 90, not 99, OR, cut, or eliminate, double attack on rogues.

Make rogues unable to sneak/hide when under the effect of certain light-emitting spells (major globe, fembody, etc.)

Give rangers a higher double attack. (mmm)

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