For discussion on integrating the players, areas, code, and cool stuff from Homeland into TorilMUD. All discussion welcome.
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Postby Grxx » Wed May 25, 2005 10:23 am

im not sure whut yall got in the works with this but heres some things from homeland id like to see here
-zerkers, specifically ogre, along with some of the other races and classes
-mob balance, mobs that shouldnt have di or ultra not having di ,ultra or any other spell/skill/ability they shouldnt have
-time sink reduction, lessen ress fx, let people die, cr, ress and finish the zone. at least a spell or a song that speeds fx along. remove tell restrictions so one dont need wait on day light. better exp for zoning so people can get good exp for hard fights in tough zones. modify exp split so that large exp groups are benificial, this way people wont be declined to join groups because they are greedy. people wont sit and idle wishing as much, they will level and learn faster.
-exp zones like crystal caverns and serene
-who list, all players on displayed on the who list, anon, hidden, invis...
-!grouping restrictions, i know alot of people prolly dont think that would be good but it would, it would make doing things easier, it would pull the pbase together as a whole and not two halves, better for all, realy, i think only those who pray their spells should need to keep careful company, so that the way they use their gods granted powers does not anger said god
-mercenaries for hire, a place people could go hire mercs to help them exp or whutever
-guard, this is a warrior skill, allowing the warrior to choose one member of his group to guard, its similar to rescue but its automatic, its faster and didnt lag you out so you could still bash or rescue
-guildhalls, weve been so patient, put them in already
-!invasion code, invasion code is just dumb, each city should have a set amount of guards, some citizens in some cities should also go agro, but alarm bells going off when no one saw you and a never ending supply of guards is gay. cities should be sackable
-rot timer, so long as the char is offline its corpse wont rot, log on and you got 2 hours. everyone wants to cr, everyone stresses their gear and noone wants to loose it all. everyone also has a life which should come first, people shouldnt need to play, shouldnt have to choose, should i sleep or cr? should i go out with friends or cr? should i play with my children, or cr? if i go to bed now, get up and go to work... when i get home ill have... 20 mins to cr..!
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Postby Eza » Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:12 pm

I agree with all of the above, especially : exp zones like crystal caverns and serene

I loved Crystal Caverns and I could lead exp groups in Serene for 6 hours straight without getting bored. As a matter of fact, I did.. many many times ;)
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