Somethings are just too funny to be made up.

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Somethings are just too funny to be made up.

Postby Zen » Sun Aug 15, 2004 3:24 am

Mirlantharn says 'practicing mount again. RQ'
Stay tuned, Mirlantharn will be right back.
Mirlantharn clambers to his feet.
Mirlantharn rides south on the powerful heavy warhorse.
Llandrien sweeps the area with a piercing gaze.
Mirlantharn rides in on the powerful heavy warhorse from the south.
Mirlantharn sits down in a comfortable spot.
Mirlantharn starts panting with his tongue hanging out, looking like a dog.
Llandrien muses, 'I hope the horse is happy.'
The Lord of the Iron Wastes holds his hammer high in the air, shouting a torment... 'Weak fools!'
Teej tells you 'I think they're deliberately outsourcing - trying to improve their genetics.'

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