He moved!! *tease*

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He moved!! *tease*

Postby Lilira » Wed Aug 10, 2005 4:14 pm

Entrance to the Inn of the Dead Orc
There is a wooden staircase ascending up into the reception on the north
wall of this twenty foot room. The Inn's tavern is east of here, in a much
larger room, while the Street of Silks can be seen through the open doorway
to the west.
Exits: - East - West - Up
Corpse of Thilea is lying here. (glowing)
Corpse of Caelas is lying here. (glowing)
Corpse of Norgel is lying here. (glowing)
Corpse of Teulausasheanial is lying here.
[2] Corpse of Ebcanod is lying here.
Branthur - Hearth Guard - Shadows of Imphras (Dwarf) stands, inches above the surface here.
A singing, happy drunk is here.
Areh (RP) (Human) stands in mid-air here.
A street cleaner is walking around, picking up trash.
Tenac (Human) stands here.
Kiryani (Grey Elf) sits resting in mid-air.
Sadet (Half-Elf) stands here.

< 395h/395H 54v/121V >
< P: std >
Sadet leaves west.

< 395h/395H 55v/121V >
< P: std >
You give him a great big, warm hug.

< 395h/395H 56v/121V >
< P: std > u
The Reception of the Dead Orc Inn
A large counter sits nestled against the east wall here, accompanied by
a huge rack behind it. It appears that this is where tired and worn out
adventurers can come to get a good nights rest before continuing on
the next day. A wooden stairway leads downwards to the inn's entrance,
while the opening to the house of the helpless is east of here.
Attached to the front of the counter is a large sign.
Exits: - Down
Ebgar -Sacred Heart- Scions of Netheril (Dwarf) stands here.
A powerful destrier, like night with hooves, waits here patiently.
The receptionist stands here behind the counter, waiting to help someone.

Allright all of us who have been using him for a target.. better start clairing before relo!!

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