Wow...tougher spell than I thought.

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Wow...tougher spell than I thought.

Postby Lahgen » Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:13 pm

while at the start of Astral:

Napex completes his spell...
Napex utters the words, 'detect invisibility'
Vakrus is dead! R.I.P!

timing + emotes = massive player pwnage.
Kesena OOC: 'i wish my daddy bought me power tools'
Dorgh group-says 'damn, even with Cofen helping Mori, they STILL can't kill someone
Hekanut says 'I know level doesn't matter much, but most won't take seriously if a level 2 claims to be the best thing before, during, and after sliced bread.'

Rather than seeing "subpar race/class," see "challenge."

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