People with Scry AND a sense of Humor.

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People with Scry AND a sense of Humor.

Postby Vigis » Sun Sep 04, 2005 1:15 am

In the Weeds
A small clearing lies in the center of the tall weeds that grow here.
The remains of a shallow grave can be seen hastily dug in the soft earth.
The tracks of many creatures can be seen around this grave and it looks as
if the body was dug up shortly after being placed in the ground. The swamp
water grows steadily deeper in all directins except to the west.
Exits: - West

< 752h/923H 53p 46v/135V >
< >
Nonox tells you 'putting from the rough?'

< 753h/923H 53p 49v/135V >
< >
The wind is lashing this wild rain seemingly straight into your face.

< 753h/923H 53p 50v/135V >
< > tell nonox ROFL!
You tell Nonox 'ROFL!'
Nerox tells you 'Good deal, the other tanks I have don't wanna do it, and since your my special suicidal tank i figure you don't mind one bit!'

Alurissi tells you 'aren't you susposed to get sick or something and not beable to make tia so i can go? :P'

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