Yay lich procs?

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Yay lich procs?

Postby Dalar » Sun May 10, 2009 11:36 pm

cas 'lich touch' shangalar
You start chanting...
< 829h/826H 569p/569P 119v/120V >
< P: std >
Runelord Shangalar the Black turns and gazes at you wickedly, you freeze in place.
Runelord Shangalar the Black reaches out with a skeletal hand and touches you!
AAAHHHH! You SCREAM in agony, a pain more intense than you have ever felt!
As you fall, you see a stream of your own life force flowing away from you..
The last thing you see is the gastly wicked grin of Runelord Shangalar the Black, staring down at you.
The world starts spinning, and your ears are ringing!
< 207h/826H 569p/569P 119v/120V >
< P: std > Gez starts casting an offensive spell.
You're busy spellcasting!
Koxa circles around Runelord Shangalar the Black stabbing at his back.
< 207h/826H 569p/569P 119v/120V >
It will be fixed in Toril 2.0.
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