Epic Drogo fail

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Epic Drogo fail

Postby grundar » Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:59 am

As Drogo invokes his deep blue silvered scale, a translucent
field grows outward from him, completely surrounding him within
its power. The colors of the scale momentarily shift from its
normal deep blue into a deep red as the protective barrier
surrounds Drogo's entire body.
Drogo begins to shimmer.

< 732h/715H 181v/181V >
< P: std >
Drogo circles around the fiery remorhaz stabbing at his back.
Drogo slumps to the ground.
As Drogo touches fiery aura around the fiery remorhaz's body, he is burned fatally.
Drogo is dead! R.I.P.
Drogo slumps to the ground.
Your blood freezes as you hear the rattling death cry of Drogo.
You abort your spell before it's done!
Drogo has left the group.

this made my night. hi5 chris.
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