Post your best mmails

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Post your best mmails

Postby Gormal » Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:33 am

Date: Sat Aug 31 00:04:56 2002

From: Ragorn
Subject: OMG @once

And you're not here to 3nj0y it.


After pkilling Greg:

Date: Sun Oct 30 00:07:42 2005

From: Lergin
Subject: motd

Message of the Day:
Attention please:
PK is against the rules, even if the victim laughs. Please, remain
considerate of the rules and of other players feelings. Laughter
or fake laughter, as the case may be, does not make breaking key
rules acceptable. If you need clarification, please ask.

Date: Fri Jul 7 02:01:02 2006

From: Touk
Subject: Trophy 2

Exp % Name
3.0 a frost giant warrior
2.5 a great braxat
2.6 a frost giant berserker
2.3 the Zhentarim Knight
2.2 the Chultean slaver
2.6 Captain Miplit
2.6 the elite guard
2.8 the fiery remorhaz
2.1 the first officer
2.4 a fire giant soldier
2.7 a frost giant citadel guard
2.2 a snow troll
2.3 an ice troll
2.3 a death knight
4.9 the skeletal knight
3.6 a large, powerful root
3.0 a colossal root
2.4 an abnormally large ghoul
2.0 Orcus, Demon Prince of the Undead

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