Railriepir got owned.

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Railriepir got owned.

Postby Theshial » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:30 pm

A sudden blue-grey blur before you fills your vision. Bright white light
explodes inside Railriepir's eyes as a searing hot pain blooms deep within his
body. Unwanted gurgling noises slide from Railriepir's bloodied, slackening lips
as he realizes the horrifying truth. The Nightsinger, Keeper of Secrets, the
Lady of Loss gazes down into Railriepir's soul, compressing a death-grip around
his delicately beating heart. With a verse of a trance inducing croon, Shar
tightens her hold upon 'The Disk of Night', chakram of twilight, raising it
far above her head. The sound of cold metal whirring through the air fills
your ears as the icy weapon parts Railriepir's flesh. Wetly spilling to the ground,
the stench of entrails and offal offend your highly sensitive nasal senses as
Shar mercifully completes Railriepir's evisceration. Drawing ragged breaths, blood
pouring from his near lifeless body, Shar leans in closely, grabbing the skin
at base of his neck. With one swift motion, Shar tears free a strip of flesh
running the length of Railriepir's body, flaying him alive. As the pain overwhelms
his senses, numbness lifts Railriepir's eyes away from the horror below his head.
The shadows of pitch-black night quickly consume Railriepir as the welcome grip
of death lures him into its grasp.
Your blood freezes as you hear the rattling death cry of Railriepir.
Railriepir has died!

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