Boy they really want those evil races dead

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Boy they really want those evil races dead

Postby byzanthia » Wed Apr 10, 2024 12:57 am

Waterfall, Sort Of (Water)
A tiny stream, about the width of a dog's stride, pours over the edge
of a cliff here - or rather, does its best to reach the edge and drip
over. There isn't even a continuation of the stream at the bottom of
the cliff, just some mineral stains on the rocks that make up the cliff
itself. A trail crosses the waterfall boldly and disappears into the
forest to the east and west.
Exits: - North - East - West [2505]
A young human priestess dressed in pale blue robes is here.
An unassuming young halfling follows his friends nearby.
A stocky dwarven warrior walks with his colleagues.
A human dressed in a deep blue robe stands here.
A paladin of Ilmater strolls by with his companions.
An elven cleric clad in a soft doeskin robe stands here.
A barbarian shaman wearing a coat of wolf fur stands here.
An elven ranger moves quietly along the path.
An elven druid moves along the path with his companions.
A paladin of Tyr is lying in mid-air here.

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