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Re: Toril 2.0: Q&A

Postby flib » Tue Nov 04, 2008 6:43 pm

idea.. it's awesome what dug and eil are doing with the ingame content that's already been fairly well exhausted but I have an idea. it's fairly simple I think, as an idea go's, but I have a feeling people might or might not like it. Whatever, the idea is to stop fixing issues currently bugging the game that don't keep the game from running, of course you still want to squash bugs and stuff that keep the mud up and stable but how about instead of making old content a little less old all the gods team up and put all of their efforts into getting 2.0 done.

So instead of dug working on all these zones, (which is pretty sweet don't get me wrong dug, good stuff you're doing) all the current active imms could pool their efforts into getting the new face of this game in as quickly as possible and then when that's all completed and tested then make time to make all the old zones a little less old again. just an idea, I think it makes sense but who am I right? Just some scrub who's spent 12 + years invested into a community.

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Re: Toril 2.0: Q&A

Postby daggaz » Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:11 pm

will just stick my nose in here, feel free to whack it good, gods, but...

There is a big difference between coding and areas spheres, tho of course there is some overlap as its the coding which makes the areas go.

In otherwords, all the gods who are coders are probably working full time on new or related to 2.0 code. Whereas areas gods are working full time on ....areas! which will of course be used in 2.0. After all, you dont think they are going to rewrite the entire world of Toril, do you?

So all of Dugs' hard work will be seen in 2.0, and all of Shev's (and many others) hard work will be felt.

To make it completely clear... people who are in the area's sphere are not necessarily coders at all (you dont need to know SQUAT about that) and are instead putting their creative efforts to good use in painting the world we play in. Which will be imported into 2.0, ala the coders.
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Re: Toril 2.0: Q&A

Postby Ashiwi » Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:23 pm

Actually, a lot of what you're seeing with Dug working on those old zones and getting an idea on stat corrections will probably be applied to 2.0. Every old zone will probably have to be reworked and restatted in order to work in the new system and take advantage of any new features available.
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