The Perfect Rescue Trigger

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The Perfect Rescue Trigger

Postby Grxx » Wed May 25, 2005 9:23 am

ok, the perfect rescue trigger should be fast and it shouldnt be spammy
now, i dont write triggers, that sort of thing is beyond me. but i have done some thinking and i think this is how it should work.
it should be both look and attack based
look is fast, but its spammy. i think ive come up with a solution, gags. so, when your rescue trigger looks, a gag list kicks in, this list would be tricky but it would gag everything but the mobs and who is tanking them. then, soon as you look the gags turn themselves off again
it should look at switches, failed rescues, when anouther tank rescues and walk ins. the walk in part could be tricky, may need to just let the attack portion of the trigger get those. a mob list could possibly be instituted, so if a mob on that list walks into the room you kick it or something.
it should only send one look command through at a time preventing a buncha stacked commands
the look portion of the trigger should be aliased, so you can easily decide when you should and shouldnt look for rescue
the attack based portion is mostly back up, also aliased
it should have 3 lists, primary rescue list, secondary rescue list and a tank list.
so, when you look and see 3 people tanking, the cleric, the rogue and the ranger, it will rescue the one off the primary list first, that list is for those group members that cannot die
it should also rescue tanks about to die, using tank condition combat display, glance or look tank or by typing gr
now, it should work on several different levels. manual look only, auto look, attack only, primary list only, rescue lists only, with gags, without, on/off... aliased for quick changes in the way it functions.
it should also turn itself off when you fail a flee, when you arent standing or when your hit points drop so low. it should turn itself back on once the reason it turned itself off is fixed, so if it turns off due to low hit points it would reactivate when you get healed or stand or whutever.
it should add to lists manulally and with who ingroup, class and/or level determining who goes on which list
lists could be added to or cleared all at once, one list at a time or one char at a time.
this is a pretty tough thing to do i think
complicated, but it seems to me it could be made to work
that too is like the perfcet rescue trigger, several highlihts and echos would be included. yould want to see things like failed rescues, noone fighting, casters bashed/stunned/blinded/silenced/morted/fleeing, walk ins...
so, a trigger that prioritizes rescues. is fast with minimal spam, is easily operated and/or modified with alaises, doesnt lag you out or stack a buncha commands. turns itself off when you flee/fail flee or when you are about to die. alias commands to see rescue lists, tank lists, gag lists and whut all is on and off in the trigger itself.
(alias) rts (rescue trigger status)
auto rescue: on
auto look: on
attack: on
primary rescue: on
secondary rescue: on
tank rescue: off
spam reducer: on
auto trigger disable: off
echos: on
highlights: on

aliases to display rescue lists, tank list and gag list
aliases to adjust trigger options
aliases to add/delete to/from lists
master on/off alias

good rescue is essential for the zone tank, to be a reliable zone tank thats realy all you need, consistant, fast rescues and the ability to keep a bash target down and of course you need the eq to survive

to be a truely good warrior tho is a little more complicated, a warrior should be aware of everything, who is in, who is out, how many mobs there are, whut each mob is, whos tanking whut, whut tank conditions are, whut mob conditions are, whos targeting whut, whut needs to be kept bashed, must notice and react accordingly to walk ins, who cant die, whos expendable.... basically be aware of the whole fight, whut needs to happen to win and whut cannot happen or spank. this is why a good rescue trigger is so important. one that works so fast casters never get hit, one that rescues the enchanter first and the necro second, one that doesnt lag or spam you out, one that lets the warrior see the fight and not his trigger going off

so, theres your challenge, build that trigger, the most important part of it would be able to enable gags when the trigger looks, so that all you see is the mobs and who is tanking them and then disabling the gags immediatly after looking
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Postby Ambar » Wed May 25, 2005 10:31 am

spammy/ too many gags lags you

gags also create a line of space iirc ...

O, for the times a couple years ago when we zoned (CC/OD) and I could trust ANY warrior with rescues ... They used triggers but nothing too complex

THOSE were the days

skills mattered

a fancy rescue set didn't

havent tried yasdens's set yet, still use gromikazars
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Postby Grxx » Wed May 25, 2005 12:52 pm

hrmm, she may be right about all that, i got 2 different rescue triggers on two different char files, they are both too big, they lag me pretty bad
so i guess whut i want is a look based trigger, i want to find a way to cut the spam from look. i want it to look once, rescue the first person it sees and look again. i want it to look on a switch. it should also look after a walk in, have it #wait 1300 then look, if it doesnt see anyone to rescue have it #wait 2200 and look again. the rlist and the tlist should be incorperated into this so im not looking when the group members enter the room.
i dont want the attacks.
i would like to be able to turn the auto look off, so i can look manually and still trigger rescue, as well as a way to turn the whole trigger off
loff and lon
i want aliases: radd rdel rclear rlist nr and r
nr to turn the trigger off and r to turn it on
would be cool if it had a tank list and a group add
tlist tadd tdel and gadd
think anyone can do that?
id realy like a rescue trigger with a look base that doesnt spam, there has to be a way.
the only way i can come up with is a gag list, triggered on just b4 i look and switched off again after i look. that should also have aliases for manual operations.
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Postby Vigis » Wed May 25, 2005 2:19 pm

Yasden't trigger set works pretty well. I started with it as a base and modified it to work the way I need it to. I'm not a trigger guru, but his set is pretty easy to modify if you understand the basics.

Edit: I mostly dumbed it down to make it more manual :)
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Postby alendar » Wed May 25, 2005 5:53 pm

if you want the "perfect" rescue trigger....

get grylor's... it is the bomb...

mob switches to mage.... mage is dead.RIP!... attack mob

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