A new autoroller... can someone do this?

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A new autoroller... can someone do this?

Postby Vooku » Tue May 27, 2008 5:16 pm

Instead of the normal autoroller where you set the minimum for each stat how about one that just asks you how many of each stat level would you like to see. This would be handy since you can swap stats.


Perfect - 0
Heroic - 3
Mighty - 1
Good - 1
Average - 0
Fair - 0
Mundane - 0
Poor - 0

etc, etc.

This roller would roll until your criteria is met. In the above example it would roll until it found one that had 3 heroics, 1 mighty and 1 good. 0 means you don't care how many.

This way you can swap stats (like a heroic power to heroic int if you are rolling a voker). This could save on rolling time.

Sound like something that is possible? I may give it a try, but I haven't played with zMud scripting on a long time.
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Re: A new autoroller... can someone do this?

Postby Gormal » Tue May 27, 2008 9:32 pm

Lilithelle's autoroller does the swapping for you. You chose what you'd like the stats to be after bonuses, and it will stop and swap when the bonuses can result in what you want. You still have to apply the bonuses manually though. Install it and try it out.
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Re: A new autoroller... can someone do this?

Postby Kelzen » Tue May 27, 2008 9:43 pm

I made one that was quite basic and not particularly elegant. A rating was applied to certain scores, and once the score reached an artificial tally it would notify me.

E.g. Heroic = 2 points
Perfect = 3 points
Mighty = 1 point

Once I reached X number of points (I found the max that I could get for this would vary depending on class/race combos), it would stop rolling.

#CLASS {AutoRoller}
#ALIAS Do_Add {#add Count 1}
#ALIAS Do_Add2 {#add Count 2}
#ALIAS Do_Add3 {#add Count 3}
#ALIAS Do_Clear {#Var Count 0}
#VAR Count {0}
#VAR Max_Count {0} {0}
#TRIGGER {You may choose to reroll your character} {#if (@count<7) {#if (@count>@max_count) {@max_count = @count};Do_Clear;Y} {#beep;#play reaper.wav;Do_Clear;#mess {The Character Rolled Matched Your Minimum Desired Statistics}}}
#TRIGGER {heroic} {Do_Add2}
#TRIGGER {perfect} {Do_Add3}
#TRIGGER {mighty} {Do_Add}

You will have to substitute "reaper.wav" for another wav file you have.

For curiosities sake, I had a number appear in the status bar to let me know what the max score I had currently achieved was.
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