My position trigger set

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My position trigger set

Postby Shaiith » Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:19 am

Instead of collecting strings for all the different position changing effects, I wrote code that maintains my desired position. "emote sends you sprawling!" doesn't affect me due to this. It also means that if a new method of putting me on my behind is implemented, I already handle it.*

You may also want to adjust your flee code. If you're sitting (memorizing spells or whatever) and you want to flee, the position code is smart enough that if you (or your flee code) doesn't issue a stand it will sit you back down.**

You'll need to provide curpos and lastpos variables from your prompt to make this work. position_verify should be called from wherever you update curpos and lastpos.

send_command and incr are simple helper functions from elsewhere in my code.

Code: Select all

#nop escape processing         
#ali send_command \%0;

#nop simple counter code
#ali incr #math {%1} {${%1} + 1};

Code: Select all

#nop some abbreviations
#ali st     stand
#ali sta    stand
#ali stan   stand
#ali rec    recline
#ali recl   recline
#ali recli  recline
#ali reclin recline
#ali si     sit
#ali kn     kneel
#ali kne    kneel
#ali knee   kneel
#nop map the commands to a common code handler
#ali stand   check_pos stand
#ali sit     check_pos sit
#ali recline check_pos recline
#ali kneel   check_pos kneel
#nop just in case, I don't track what failed.
#act {^Nah... You feel too relaxed to do that...} {alert}
#nop translations between commands and the P: items
#var pos_abbrev_stand   std
#var pos_abbrev_recline rcl
#var pos_abbrev_kneel   knl
#var pos_abbrev_sit     sit
#nop we want to be standing initially.
#var pos_intent stand
#nop if position has changed,
#nop   if new position doesn't match intent,
#nop     adjust
#ali position_verify {
  #if {("${lastpos}"!="${curpos}") && ("${curpos}" != "${pos_abbrev_${pos_intent}}")} {
    send_command ${pos_intent};
#nop if intent has changed
#nop   adjust
#ali check_pos {
  #if {"%1"!="${pos_intent}"}
    #var pos_intent %1;
    send_command %1;

* There is a proc in the mud where you have to trigger off the text. I know of only one, but since I'm rewriting my triggers from hand I don't have that string handy. The problem occurs because of the way the proc is coded. I consider this an acceptable failure mode (using a #act blah stand) in this one special case as coding can break any trigger set.

** It would go
1) flee stands you
2) your flee repeat code fires
3) resit occurs
4) repeat if step #2 was a failed flee
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