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Postby Disoputlip » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:34 pm

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#CLASS {scribe}
#ALIAS *scribenext {#exec scribe %item( {%1}, %int( %ismember( %2, {%1}))+1)}
#VAR ele_book1 {cone of cold|clairvoyance|stone skin|haste|feeblemind|thunder lance|blizzard sphere|earth stones|ice tongue|ice layer|elemental water embodiment|firewave}
#VAR ele_book2 {fireball|dimension door|ray of enfeeblement|teleport|infravision|minor creation|erase|detect invisibility|detect magic|invisibility|locate object|sleep|dispel magic|conjure elemental|levitate|fireshield|faerie fog|coldshield|mage flame|earth darts|air blast|ice spear|glitterdust|summon elemental kin}
#VAR ele_book3 {power word blind|elemental ward|lava burst|whirlwind|earthblood|elemental air embodiment|icewave|earth fog|fire fog}
#TRIGGER {You finish scribing spell ({@ele_book1}) to a } {*scribenext @ele_book1 "%1"}
#TRIGGER {You finish scribing spell ({@ele_book2}) to a } {*scribenext @ele_book2 "%1"}
#TRIGGER {You finish scribing spell ({@ele_book3}) to a } {*scribenext @ele_book3 "%1"}

I guess people have posted scribers before, but here is 1 more.

You basically begin by scribing the 1st spell in the array, e.g. scribe cone of cold

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