basic stand triggers

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basic stand triggers

Postby Kindi » Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:26 am

to stand up :P

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#nop Basic stand triggers
#act {%1 does an acrobatic maneuver in battle, tripping you.} {st}
#act {%1 sends you sprawling.} {st}
#act {The violent winds pick you up and toss you aside!} {st}
#act {The powerful sweep sends you crashing to the ground!} {st}
#act {You are knocked down on the ground!} {st}
#act {You are knocked down on your knees!} {st}
#act {You are knocked off of your feet.} {st}
#act {You are knocked to the ground by the powerful winds!} {st}
#act {You are slammed down on the ground!} {st}
#act {You are unable to dodge the blow, and its force sends you crashing to the ground!} {st}
#act {You fall and injure yourself!} {st}
#act {You lose your balance and fall down!} {st}
#act {You stagger about, then fall sprawling!} {st}
#act {You stagger, and fall to your knees!} {st}
#act {^and smashes you in the throat, %*, foiling the spell.} {st}
#act {The explosive concussion knocks you to the ground!} {st}
#act {^The shockwave sends you crashing to the ground!} {st}
#act {^You are sent tumbling head over heals into the next room, finally coming to a} {st}
#act {You crash to the ground beneath the powerful strike!} {st}
#act {Your hasty hamstring causes you to slip and fall to the ground!} {st}
#act {You simply bounce off %1's massive form.$} {st}
#act {As %1 avoids your bash, you topple over and fall to the ground.$} {st}
#act {You try to bash %1, only to sprawl completely THROUGH %2.$} {st}

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