basic spellout triggers

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basic spellout triggers

Postby Kindi » Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:33 am

to gsay that spells are out. #format and #buffer compatible with tintin++ 2.00.1.

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#nop Basic spell-out triggers: unaction stuff that a particular character can cast easily
#nop spout alias is used for prettifying and can be customized per character
#alias {spout}
   #nop format as lower case;
   #format {spname} {%l} {%0};
   gsay $spname out;
#act {Your vitality drains away.} {spout Vitality}
#act {Earthbound again.} {spout Fly}
#act {Invisible things vanish again.} {spout Detect Invis}
#act {You feel less transparent.} {spout Invis}
#act {You feel less wooden.} {spout Barkskin}
#act {Your displaced form snaps back to your physical location!} {spout Displace}
#act {Your image is no longer displaced.} {spout Displace}
#act {Your dragon scales melt back into your regular flesh.} {spout Dragonscales}
#act {Your flesh loses its stony texture.} {spout Stone Skin}
#act {The elemental ward protecting you shudders and disappears.} {spout Elemental Ward}
#act {The world speeds up around you.} {spout Haste}
#act {You no longer feel cut off from the rest of the world...} {spout Sequester}
#act {Your body shimmers and sheds its elemental form, returning to normal.} {spout Elemental Embodiment}
#act {Your mental barrier blinks out of existence.} {spout Nondetect}
#act {Your form stops blurring.} {spout Blur}
#act {Your globe shimmers, and fades into the air.} {spout Globe}
#act {Your magical shield shudders and vanishes.} {spout Energy Shield}
#act {Your shadowy scale armor dissipates into nothingness.} {spout Phantom Armor}
#act {Your magic armor fades away.} {spout Armor}
#act {You feel less blessed.} {spout Bless}
#act {Your body returns to its normal size.} {spout Reduce/Enlarge}
#act {Your bloodstream returns to normal.} {spout Slow Poison}
#act {Your mind seems vulnerable again.} {spout Mind Blank}
#act {Animals find you appetizing again.} {spout Prot From Animals}
#act {Undead love you once more.} {spout Prot From Undead}
#act {Those damned paladins are after you again.} {spout Prot From Good}
#act {Evil things appear more threatening.} {spout Prot From Evil}
#act {The opaque shield around your body fades.} {spout Missile Shield}
#act {^What IS that smell?}
   #buffer get temp 1 2;
   #if {"$temp[1]" == "%*less basic.%*" && "$temp[2]" == "%*Static cling%*"} {spout Greater Realms};

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