crapton of gags

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crapton of gags

Postby Kindi » Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:07 am

i tried to gag every proc over 2 lines, all area spells (except chain lighting and sandstorm) and tons of other stuff i don't consider useful, since i don't like the built-in condensed settings

Code: Select all

#gag {^Your spell is partially absorbed by %1.}
#gag {%1 barely wounds %2 with {his|her|its} %3.}
#gag {%1 misses %2 with {his|her|its} %3.}
#gag {%1 closes %2 book and {smiles broadly|grins malevolently}.}
#gag {%1 completes %2 spell...}
#gag {%1 utters the words, '%2'}
#gag {%1 is gassed by %2.}
#gag {^Damage Resistance:}
#gag {^Unarmd:    0% Slash :    0% Bludgn:    0% Pierce:    0% Range :    0%}
#gag {^Spells:    0% Fire  :    0% Cold  :    0% Elect :    0% Acid  :    0%}
#gag {^Sonic :    0% Poison:    0% Pos   :    0% Neg   :    0% Psi   :    0%}
#gag {^Mental:    0% Good  :    0% Evil  :    0% Law   :    0% Chaos :    0%}
#gag {^Force :    0%}
#gag {%1 opens an ancient tome and begins studying it intently.}
#gag {%1 raises %2 {unholy|holy} symbol and smiles {broadly|malevolently}.}
#gag {%1 sends a %2 shaft of light streaking towards %3!}
#gag {%1 sits down in a comfortable spot.}
#gag {%1 takes out %2 {holy|unholy} symbol and begins praying intently.}
#gag {%1 shivers as %2 essence is buffeted by %3's  spell!}
#gag {%1's ancestors rend %2's flesh!}
#gag {%1 blackens and burns as %2's burst of lava coats %3 body.}
#gag {%1 blocks %2's attack with %3 shield!}
#gag {%1 bursts into red hot flames from %2's devastaing inferno!}
#gag {%1 cackles as %2 incendiary cloud torches %3!}
#gag {%1 chokes and gasps on the poison fumes!}
#gag {%1 crushes %2 with %3 swarm of fiery meteors.}
#gag {%1 crushes %2 with a storm of ice.}
#gag {%1 deflects %2's blow, and strikes back at %3!}
#gag {%1 directs waves of fire toward %2, whose body erupts in flames.}
#gag {%1 directs waves of freezing ice towards %2, whose flesh crackles and freezes.}
#gag {%1 dodges %2's attack.}
#gag {%1 fires %2 at %3 doing {average|serious|good} damage.}
#gag {%1 fires %2 at %3 doing {little|major} damage!}
#gag {%1 is chilled by the glacial frost!}
#gag {%1 is coated in crimson ooze.}
#gag {%1 is corroded as %2 breathes acid.}
#gag {%1 is enveloped in the shadows!}
#gag {%1 is hit by %2's lightning breath.}
#gag {%1 is outside of the area of the blast!}
#gag {%1 is partly turned to ashes, as %2 breathes fire.}
#gag {%1 is partly turned to ice, as %2 breathes cold.}
#gag {%1 is punctured by the swarm of crystal slivers!}
#gag {%1 is scorched by the intense flames!}
#gag {%1 is shocked by the electrical charge!}
#gag {%1 is slammed by the powerful blast of air!}
#gag {%1 is splattered by the sizzling acid!}
#gag {%1 is stricken by %1's burst of negative energy!}
#gag {%1 maneuvers %2 mount and is only grazed by %3's attack!}
#gag {%1 maneuvers %2 mount to avoid %3's attack!}
#gag {%1 parries %2's lunge at %3.}
#gag {%1 partially deflects %2's lunge at %3.}
#gag {%1 pummels %2 with %3 storm of hail.}
#gag {%1 reels from the sonic assault!}
#gag {%1's flaming acorn slams into %2.}
#gag {%1 reels in pain from the concussive force of the explosion!}
#gag {%1 SCREAMS in agony as magical, searing flames encompass %2's body!}
#gag {%1 searches about for %2 ammunition, but doesn't seem to find any.}
#gag {%1 sends a minute meteor streaking towards %2, which explodes on impact!}
#gag {%1 sends a powerful force missile slamming into %2, who staggers in pain!}
#gag {%1 sends a razor-sharp spiked stone tearing brutally into %2!}
#gag {%1 sends out an almost endless carpet of arachnoids and insects to kill %2 foes!}
#gag {%1 shivers painfully in the freezing air mass!}
#gag {%1 shudders in agony as %2's thunderblast jolts %3!}
#gag {%1 staggers and almost falls!}
#gag {%1 staggers in pain as the massive tail smashes into %2!}
#gag {%1 staggers slightly, but manages to keep %2 balance.}
#gag {%1's attack only grazes %2 as %3 dodges aside!}
#gag {%1's blasting winds and snow chill %2 to the bone.}
#gag {%1's body begins to rot and putrify under the assault of %2's spell.}
#gag {%1's cyclone tears at %2, whose swings contact only air!}
#gag {%1's electrical blast causes %2 to howl in pain!}
#gag {%1's exposed skin shrivels and cracks in the extreme heat.}
#gag {%1's snake sinks its teeth deep into %2's flesh.}
#gag {%1's swarm of phantasmal blades slashes %2 savagely.}
#gag {%1's totem dart flies true, and tears at %2's flesh!}
#gag {%1's wave of biting insects washes over %2, tearing %3 flesh from %4 bones.}
#gag {%1's whirlwind whips at %2's body and pounds %3 with flying debris.}
#gag {%1's wounds mend slightly as %2 hits %3.}
#gag {A heavy destrier growls at %1.}
#gag {A heavy warhorse growls at %1.}
#gag {A huge beam of white light shines down from the heavens.}
#gag {A torrent of howling souls rips at %1's flesh!}
#gag {A zealous griffon growls at %1.}
#gag {Acid spatters as %1 strikes %2!}
#gag {An emerald and ruby encrusted dagger is burned severely as it hits %1!}
#gag {An onyx dagger with a pulsing ruby hilt is burned severely as it hits %1!}
#gag {cringes from the intense sunburst.}
#gag {Flames ripple as %1 strikes %2!}
#gag {Frost streams as %1 strikes %2!}
#gag {Gas pours forth as %1 strikes %2!}
#gag {Harmful notes cascade upon %1 causing %2 to flail in agony.}
#gag {Overwhelmed, an emerald and ruby encrusted dagger returns to its rightful owner.}
#gag {Overwhelmed, an onyx dagger with a pulsing ruby hilt returns to its rightful owner.}
#gag {Sparks fly as %1 strikes %2!}
#gag {Tendrils of roots fly out of the staff, wrapping around %1's feet.}
#gag {Your blood freezes as you hear the rattling death cry of an emerald and ruby encrusted dagger.}
#gag {Your blood freezes as you hear the rattling death cry of an onyx dagger with a pulsing ruby hilt.}
#gag {^%1 body, and a loud sizzling sound can be heard as %1 body dissolves}
#gag {^%1 cloak, reverting to the depiction of the dragon they represented.}
#gag {^%1 eyes begin to burn with bloodlust!}
#gag {^%1 is immediately surrounded by duplicates of %2 own image.}
#gag {^%1 is surrounded by a soft green glow.  %2 begins weaving %3}
#gag {^%1's an enchanted khanjari dagger. As the finger-like tendrils writhe and wriggle}
#gag {^energy, erupting around %1 with intense fury.  The evil in the room begins}
#gag {^to shiver and cringe as the blades searing power disrupts their very existence.}
#gag {^eyes glow bright red and frost flies from its tail as it}
#gag {^sinks into %1's flesh.  The tail snaps back, tearing}
#gag {^open a wound oozing blood and ice shards.}
#gag {^hue of elemental fire wins dominance.  Flames erupt around %1,}
#gag {^as the shimmering holy compound bow of Celestial Might calls forth its}
#gag {^element to sear %1.}
#gag {^hue of elemental water wins dominance.  A wave of water is brought forth,}
#gag {^summoned by the shimmering holy compound bow of Celestial Might, and slams}
#gag {^into %1 with staggering force.}
#gag {^hue of elemental air wins dominance.  Winds churn madly at the powerful call}
#gag {^of the shimmering holy compound bow of Celestial Might, whirling about}
#gag {^hue of elemental earth wins dominance.  From beneath %1, the}
#gag {^ground responds to the shimmering holy compound bow of Celestial Might and}
#gag {^rises to smite it.$}
#gag {^a few feet away from %1, their heads pointing down at %2, their wings softly }
#gag {^a rapid change in %1 appearance. Countless serpents begin to uncoil,}
#gag {^a satisfied grin, the maw reverts back to an axehead.}
#gag {^a vivid yellow the brief enchantment begins to fade. Quickly as}
#gag {^a zealous griffon emits a shrill and primal shriek!}
#gag {^above %1 head before releasing a torrent of electricity in every direction.}
#gag {^An echoing clap of energy crackles through the air, as the runes}
#gag {^an enchanted khanjari dagger, surrounding %1 body in a strange, tangible halo}
#gag {^and %1 flinches back reflexively.  Paired sets of runes along %2's blades}
#gag {^and creating an aura around %1, coating %1 with their basic elemental essence.}
#gag {^and the flames quickly race up %1 arm and into every wound.  In a flash of otherworldly}
#gag {^and torso, granting %1 a reptilian quickstrike ability! As %1 eyes gleam}
#gag {^appearing in the air. %1 grabs %2 head in pain as the}
#gag {^as it bursts into an array of natural energy.  The tendrils of blue-white}
#gag {^assaults %1's enemies.}
#gag {^attack routine with a dizzying flourish.}
#gag {^beating. In unison, they all breathe their magic onto %1, white, red, black}
#gag {^begin to pulse so rapidly, they take on an entirely different}
#gag {^between the canine jaws and spills to the ground and %1 howls in pain.  With}
#gag {^blazingly fast into %1's flesh causing a momentary light}
#gag {^blue and green breath slams into %1 resting body, disappating the smoke column}
#gag {^body with a bloodstone studded longsword.  As the blade is wrenched clear of}
#gag {^BOOM reverberates between your ears as the light settles into %1's skin.}
#gag {^Both ends of %1's bow glow brilliantly, and send waves of red-lightning down the bow string..}
#gag {^can see the plating shift to reveal the dark swirling eye beneath.}
#gag {^center of the fray, pausing for a moment to gather %1 strength.}
#gag {^centering around %1!}
#gag {^color as the seperate hues blend into one. The effect rushes}
#gag {^creating a small puff of dirt which briefly billows around before settling.}
#gag {^Curling wisps of feathery darkened light ooze forth from the blade of %1's}
#gag {^different color.  The dragons suddenly break out of the column, and take spots}
#gag {^display grows intense.}
#gag {^dragons are spinning around %1 in the smoke, each representing a }
#gag {^entire body, obscuring %1 in a swirling maelstrom of colors.  You see}
#gag {^evil spirit of %1.}
#gag {^feet off the ground. The violent shockwave of force has disturbed dust}
#gag {^fiercely at the impact, and that glow seems to intensify the}
#gag {^flicker as %1 spins about agilely, driving a powerful slash into %2's}
#gag {^force it seems to stun %1 for a brief period of time. Then, as rapidly as}
#gag {^holy resolve and divine strength guiding %1 arm to slice deep and sear the}
#gag {^image of a Valkyrie appears to partially conceal and protect %1.}
#gag {^in unison. As the magic takens hold %1 actions begin to accelerate and %1 motions quicken.}
#gag {^into %1 prey's body.  As the claws dig into %2,}
#gag {^into %1's body with a mighty blow.  The weapon glows}
#gag {^into %1, attempting to utterly destroy %2!}
#gag {^power %1's blood errupts into a roaring inferno!!}

#nop Item proc spam
#gag {^The blade becomes a blur as it rapidly changes into the head of Ilxarzzinazzium}
#gag {^himself.  With a load roar the head lashes out towards %1 and bites %2 with}
#gag {^it's giant maw.  As suddenly as the head appeared it dissappears back into}
#gag {^a red dragon fanged dagger leaving no trace of itself.}
#gag {^With a mighty swing, %1's warhammer flies from %2 hands smashing}
#gag {^into %1. As it collides with %2 enemy, the warhammer explodes,}
#gag {^showering %1 with shards of ice, causing intense freezing pain before}
#gag {^melting away. A moment later the warhammer appears back in %1's hands}
#gag {^screams through the air, faster and faster.  Horrid words of power flow}
#gag {^from the blades' deadly dance, whispers of death and despair seem to fill}
#gag {^the air.$}
#gag {^body. Bloody wounds close before your eyes as they are healed by}
#gag {^Unholy Avenger.$}
#gag {^with a fiery baleful gaze. %1 screams as unholy}
#gag {^flames lick out to sear %1 body!}
#gag {^With a deafening CRRAAAAAAACCCK the quarrel explodes into %1}
#gag {^with increasing intensity.  As the vibrations reach their peak, a ghostly}
#gag {^within their circlet.}
#gag {^ooze from the dread gythka, and cause the blade to acquire an$}
#gag {^oily sheen.  The toxins are forced into %1's bleeding wounds$}
#gag {^as %1 slashes wildly.$}
#gag {^An icky goo starts to ooze out of the dread gythka's blade, coating it$}
#gag {^completely. With a mighty slash, %1 sends the goo flying, hitting}
#gag {%1 and covering %2 entire body.  Before your eyes, the$}
#gag {^green goo dries and hardens, encasing %1 in a thick shell.$}
#gag {^appear along its length.  The bow hums with power as an arrow fired}
#gag {^by %1 flares bright green, smashing into %2}
#gag {^with sonic force!$}
#gag {^turn blue as the metal of the hammer freezes, forming frigid white lines of}
#gag {^frost around the edges. The entire room is temporality blanketed with snow and}
#gag {^set in an illusionary winter environment, as razor sharp shards of ice fling}
#gag {^themselves towards %1!$}
#gag {^The blade of the dagger slowly opens and begins to emerse the whole room in}
#gag {^bright yellow, red, and white flames that scorch everything in sight.}
#gag {%1 is bathed in scorching flames!$}
#gag {^warm glow that drifts across %1.  The light settles across}
#gag {^weapons in an intricate pattern of defense and %1 wounds begin}
#gag {^whips through the area, swirling around you viciously before}
#gag {^who sways under the impact.}
#gag {^cone from the massive quadribladed axe wielded by %1. The$}
#gag {^space between %1 and %2 seems to spin wildly as the$}
#gag {^cone of energy penetrates its stunned victim. %1 begins to$}
#gag {^shudder pitifully as %1 fights to cling to consciousness.$}
#gag {^their way up %1 arms, %2 is infused with a surpising finesse of movement.}
#gag {^they descended, the serpents twist and twine their way back to the magic}
#gag {^to close before your eyes!}
#gag {^to gleam from within %1 eyes.}
#gag {^under the positive energy.}
#gag {^victim.$}
#gag {^hitting %1 squarely in the chest.$}
#gag {^pulses out from the hilt of the blade, pearl flashing quickly as a holy wrath}
#gag {^quarrel takes on a violent flaming glow dropping sparks in its wake.}
#gag {^races towards its wielder within a narrow strip of bright white light. A significant  sounding}
#gag {^shake violently.  The noise grows to high pitched whine as the}
#gag {^slithering and sliding their way down and around %1's arms, neck,}
#gag {^small disturbances in the column of smoke, tails flying out, wings breaking}
#gag {^softly.  Smoke begins to issue from %1 cloak and begins to swirl around %1 }
#gag {^stretch upward, %1 begins to shake violently, every muscle in %1 body twitching and spasming}
#gag {^strike.  The celestial strike hammers into %1,}
#gag {^sundering %1 to %1 knees in a flash of radiant power.}
#gag {^swirling in tiny patterns.  The wind picks up in intensity,}
#gag {^the axehead reshapes into a powerful maw and bites %1 in the throat.  Blood flows}
#gag {^the change began, it is over and %1 is flying, unharmed, several}
#gag {^the edges of the column, quiet grumblings breaking the silence.  Five tiny}
#gag {^The five dragons then begin to swirl around %1, picking up speed, until they are}
#gag {^the mighty scepter of valhalla, there is a burst of light from the jewels inlaid in the head}
#gag {^The two collide, and erupt forward as a ball of fiery energy, impacting on %1 with a CRASH!}
#gag {^the wound, %1's movements falter and slow.}
#gag {^is bathed in a divine radiance that quickly fills the area.  A powerful wave}
#gag {^is forgotten as %1 visciously and repeatedly smashes the mighty scepter of valhalla}
#gag {^just a blur.  Then each swirling color breaks off from the group, flying into}
#gag {^leaping towards %1!}
#gag {^lifting up from the ground in ever increasing eddies}
#gag {^lightning writhe along the immaterial blade of the sword before}
#gag {^of %1 foot to reverse %1 angle of attack.}
#gag {^of air current.  Building up to a howling pitch, the whirlwind}
#gag {^of smoke. Rapidly, %1 is taken by its ferocity and is plunged into a trance.}
#gag {^of the weapon.  A nimbus flares and ignites the blood covering the scepter}
#gag {^on %1's giantbane glow violently, striking %2 ravenously,}
#gag {^begins to glow with soft moonlight.  Shadows in the room begin to move and}
#gag {^wrap around %1 still form.  As the light dissapates %2 vanishes into the}
#gag {^darkness.$}
#gag {^field grows outward from %1, completely surrounding %1 within}
#gag {^its power. The colors of the scale momentarily shift from its}
#gag {^normal deep blue into a deep red as the protective barrier}
#gag {^surrounds %1's entire body.}
#gag {^as waves of energy flow down it's blade and enter %1, whose}
#gag {^movements fade to a blur as it comes to life!}
#gag {^With a mighty crush of %1 hammer, they explode with freezing cold,}
#gag {^turning %1 an icy hue.}
#gag {^can see the plating shift to reveal the hazy swirling eye beneath.}
#gag {^out great words of power. As the flow of unknown speech}
#gag {^ceases, great shards of ice fling forth from %1 razored}
#gag {^fingertips, shattering and scraping themselves into the}
#gag {^flesh of %1 enemy!}
#gag {^a giant spear.  The spear hurls itself at %1, causing %2 to}
#gag {^shudder in pain.}
#gag {^in front of %1. The blades of the daggers begin to glow and ignite in}
#gag {^flames. A billowing vortex opens up and unleashes images of Ilxarzzinazzium,}
#gag {^Fierrosa, Infernos, and Scorxariam into the room.  The dragons savagely tear at}
#gag {^everything in sight with their giant talons. Fire blankets the battlefield}
#gag {^seering everything.  Giant spiked tails flail about haphazardly crushing}
#gag {^anything they hit!}
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Re: crapton of gags

Postby Pril » Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:41 pm

You forgot the important one:

#gag {^Lilithelle}
#gag {^Inama}
#gag {^Suzalize}
#gag {^Ashantia}
#gag {^Luma}
#gag {^Eleari}
#gag {^Emeille}
#gag {^Eliri}
#gag {^Elenira}
#gag {^Kessarri}
#gag {^Xerena}

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