Fumbling weapon help

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Fumbling weapon help

Postby Zuurn Shatter Skull » Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:16 pm

Okay, I have this trigger I use to grab my weapon after I fumble, the problem is that every single weapon I have seen starts with 'a' and my trigger keeps trying to grab the 'a' and wield it and it isnt working out....need some help, here is my existing trigger I use:

You swing _really_ badly, sending your %1 flying!

get %1
wield %1

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Postby Elseenas » Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:18 pm

I used the following, running on the idea that the last word is normally the trigger word.

You swing _really_ badly, sending your * (%w) flying!

get %1
wield %1


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Postby Gindipple » Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:28 pm

At work so this is from memory.
#TR {sending your *{(@weapons)}*} {get %1;wield %1} TriggerName

where variable weapons contains all weapons you are likely to use.
#VAR weapons "sword|axe|pick|horn|etc, etc"

The only time this doesn't work is if the weapon name is different from the get text. This of course you'll need special trigger for anyways.

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Postby Wobb » Mon Apr 09, 2001 5:35 pm

Gindipple's post is the way to go if you are comfortable with variables and whatnot.

If you are really new and have no idea how to get it to work, here is the basic principle.

Whatever they keyword of your weapon is, hopefully it will have the same word in the description so you would use something like this:

#ac {sending your%1sword%2} {get sword;wield sword}

If for some reason, you have a bizarre weapon that isn't the same just change what is between %1 %2 to something that is in the description. Another example, sort of the inverse of what I'm saying above, you can use any keyword the item has. Like the flamberge's keywords are sword, two-handed, flamberge, and flaming (I think)..the point is it has multiple. So if you have a flaming holy flamberge of the efreeti, you can use this trigger:

#ac {sending your%1flamberge%2} {get sword;wield sword}

get it? hehe...

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Postby izarek » Mon Apr 09, 2001 6:34 pm

simple one that works 99.9% of time:

pattern: You swing _really_ badly, sending your (*) (%w) flying!

command: #color 4 ; #highlight ; get %2; wield %2

highlights fumbles too, just so ya know...

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Postby Xizz » Mon Apr 09, 2001 6:44 pm

Quick and easy variables :

#al pri {#var {primary} %1}
#act {sending your} {get @primary;wield @primary}

basically type pri <weapon keyword> and that will set the variable to it and when you fumble it will type out get <weapon keyword>;wield <weapon keyword>

useful alias to go along with this :
#al g {get @primary;wield @primary}
in case you're in the middle of spells or are somehow unable to get the weapon the first time.
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Postby Zuurn Shatter Skull » Mon Apr 09, 2001 8:26 pm

Thanks you guys, actually I was using the same form as Elseenas showed, just lost it when Soj2 shutdown and I got rid of my unregistered copy of Zmud for the time being. I did register though. Image

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Postby Tilandal » Fri Apr 13, 2001 6:08 am

this is what I do. Every time I wield a weapon I captur the keyword and store it in @primary

then I trigger get @primary; wi @primary

This works for any weapon in the game. You just need an extra trigger to pick up the wield command.
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Postby gurzog » Mon May 07, 2001 6:11 am

What I use is pretty similar to the @primary the other people are talking about, i just had this alias:

#alias wld {#var weapon %1;wield %1}

and trig:
#trig {You swing really badly, sending your} {get @weapon;wield @weapon}

Not sure if the drop weapon message in the trig is correct....

I've used this for so long, I can't remember the last time I actually typed wield :)
Not counting this post of course
Only problems I ran into was dualing
The trigs for that were a bit messy
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Postby Danilor » Tue Jun 12, 2001 10:41 pm

Well, all of the suggestions listed that I have seen on this board fail either one (or both) of two tests.

1. Last word of item name is not a keyword
(such as a dark steel longsword where longsword is not a keyword)

2. They do not account for dual wielding without requiring a trigger (or test string) per item.

So, I devised this little trigger * alias combo

Trigger Text:
You swing _really_ badly, sending your &{wpn_lost} flying!

Trigger Response:
#va wpn_key %word( %trim( @wpn_lost), %numwords( @wpn_lost))
#if (%trim( @wpn_lost) = a dark steel longsword) {#va wpn_key sword}

You can add non-name string keywords with entries in the trigger similar to the a dark steel longsword #if line.


Alias Script:
get @wpn_key
wield @wpn_key

edit = (put wrong variable in alias by accident - been corrected)

Basically, it this in effect allows a "Case" statement trigger. Just a thought.

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Postby Neram » Thu Jul 05, 2001 9:31 am

since like someone mentioned not always you can get weapon name from fumble text
i was using and works pretty good few weapons
that i recently using variables
problem that in this case U can pick too much weapons Image

trig text:
You swing _really_ badly, sending

get @weapon1
wield @weapon1
get @weapon2
wield @weapon2
get @weapon3
wield @weapon3

I got another problem maybe someone already solved it?
if i fumble weapon as caster usualy im 'too busy casting' to pick up weapon and if there are spam i can even miss this Image
lost few weapons already :/
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Postby Xyd » Thu Jul 05, 2001 5:17 pm

Yes, the solution for that is to group with Uvu. Image She watches for her casters to fumble and she picks up their weapon and gives it to them. VERY effective for all casters.

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Postby gurzog » Fri Jul 06, 2001 5:52 am

someone posted a trig for casters fumbling right before cast, think it was vazzgo
sorry, i'm too lazy to look it up, but it was a while ago, probably a page or two back
an alias that might help you out, say if you got weapon set as a variable
#alias g {get @weapon;wield @weapon}

so just type g if you fail to pick up weapon
think someone else may have posted same alias in this thread *shrug* but it helps Image

oh and my messy dual trigs, well they never come into play, considering my dual wield is 2 :P no true troll duals, dualings for those pesky treehuggers!! *nod me* still don't know how i got dual to 2, i never prac'd it, same with headbutt *mutter*

gurzog - dies enough that he doesn't want to be tempted to have a headbutt death :P

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Postby Bipple » Sun Jul 22, 2001 2:32 am

Haven't tried this but it should work for those casters out there who fumble before they cast. (4 triggers)

Trigger: You swing _really_ badly, sending your (*) (%w) flying!
Command: #var primary %2; #T+ fumble2; #T+ fumble4; get %2; wield %2

Trigger: You're busy spellcasting!
Command: #T+ fumble3

Trigger: You complete your spell...
Command: #T- fumble2; get @primary; wield @primary; #T- fumble3

Trigger: You wield
Command: #T- fumble2; #T- fumble4
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Postby Vazzgo » Tue Jul 24, 2001 5:59 am

If you are a caster and your fumbling trigger didn't worked cuz you were casting, then you might need this:
#TRIGGER {You swing _really_ badly(*)@weapon(*)} {get @weapon;wield @weapon;#var weaponstat 0}

#TRIGGER {You wield(*)@weapon(*)} {#var weaponstat 1}

#TRIGGER {You complete your spell} {#if (@weaponstat = 0) {take @weapon;wield @weapon;#var weaponstat 1}}

This will make your triggers to take your weapon after you finish the spell so you don't need to get it manually.

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