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Postby Gormal » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:30 pm

Crosspostin dis cause the search engine is shit when it comes to archived content.

This game needs to make a comeback, so here are Thanuk's original and official SiLo(tm) rules.

Hey everybody, I'm about to tell you about the best dice game ever!
Sitting in WD with nothing to do? SiLo!!
Got 500p, want to make it 1000p? SiLo!!
Want to be involved in the way the eq you get is given out? SiLo!!
Ok enough promoting, heres the game
You roll a six sided dice 3 times
dice 1 6 times 3 fools not dice 3 6
You roll until you get a pair.
Once you get a pair, the other number that is not your pair is your number.
High number rules.
If you roll triples, any triple beats the highest number.
Highest triples rules.
roll 1 2 3 in any order, and you automatically lose.
roll 4 5 6 in any order, and you automatically win, even if the other people haven't gone yet. Don't worry it works both ways.

Standard Bet is 100p Yes this is a gambling game, and can be played with as many people as you want, though anything over like 7 or 8 it gets hard to keep track of.
In the event of a tie, the players that tie would double their bet and roll again head to head, winner take all, including the cash from the people who already lost. I guess if your playing with alot of people, you could just agree to split the pot, if your a wuss.

It is a fairly simple game, and its alot of fun to play.
My personal opinion is that this should be use instead of the standard methods of dicing to split equipment, for a few reasons.
#1 the dice are rigged. I don't care what anyone says, that invisible luck stat affects your dice roll. If you make your players dice 1 100 and high number wins, after a while you will notice the same people win every time.
#2 After doing the whole zone, its nice to participate in the split, it might make it take a little longer, but you just spent 3 hours in a zone, whats an extra 10 minutes at this point (do it while ressing)
#3 it is very anticlimactic to do a whole zone then watch your leader dice 1 5 and the number wins, this adds a little spice.

Im still partial to handouts, but i think this is a fun way to split eq. But even if you don't want to split eq, its a fun way to gamble in the game, and if you get 4-5 people playing, its 500p a round, goonda payoff!!

It's as simple as this:
#alias {silo} {#3 dice 1 6}
Your ready to go.

Go in alphabetical order, and then keep that order. Whoever won last goes first.

If you are doing this to split eq, 456 does not automatically win. It is still the highest you can roll, but you should give other people a chance to tie, because there is no next round to win back that eq

So get out there and start losing all your money to me, i mean playing. It's simple, its fun, and its profitable.

Roll them bones!
Nukkie da claw

Thanuk Pantherclaw

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