Planetary Conjunction Pre-Dawn Eastern Sky

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Planetary Conjunction Pre-Dawn Eastern Sky

Postby ssar » Sun May 08, 2011 8:20 pm

Planetary Conjunction Pre-Dawn Eastern Sky

A rare series of planetary alignments is occurring at the moment, during late April right through May 2011.
About an hour before dawn (5-5:30am Sydney time) look to the eastern sky, low on the horizon for Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter close together:

"The four well known planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and giant Jupiter are all going to be in the same part of the eastern morning sky together, joined for a short time by a thin Crescent Moon. They’re best observed from around an hour or so before sunrise until the sky starts to brighten and will all be closest on May 12th."

The Planetarium at Scienceworks Museum Victoria Skynotes May 2011 on Youtube:

"Dance Of The Planets" article: ... anets.html

Astronomical Events Of Interest 2010-2011: What’s up? Night sky:

Worth getting up early for and chilling, gazing over the eastern sky if you have a good view and the sky is clear enough.

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