For Drow from Dobloth Kyor

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For Drow from Dobloth Kyor

Postby Auril » Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:31 am

With the addition of the long awaited Menzoberranzan hometown, we understand that some drow players would prefer to be residents of that city, as opposed to Dobluth Kyor. The RP-Quest sphere, with the support of the Forgers, is therefore offering players the opportunity to participate in a small story-arc/campaign that will revolve around an interaction between Menzoberranzan and Dobluth Kyor. The end result will be a switch in citizenship for the participants once the Menzoberranzan allies have accomplished their goals.

Over the course of a six-week storyline, drow will be able to participate in a minimum of two sessions each to prove their loyalty to the great city of Menzoberranzan. Six sessions will be scheduled for Saturdays, and should be able to accommodate most of those seeking transfer. The specific dates and times of the sessions for this storyline will be available through typing 'rpnews' in-game. Those who cannot attend these sessions may contact us to arrange alternative events to reach the required 2 sessions before May 31.

We understand that not every player has an interest in roleplay. Regardless, there is a theme to this MUD and to reap the benefits from a change in hometown does require some character action on your part. This is the only way to have an existing character transferred to a Menzoberranzan home. After this story-arc is completed, we will return to our standard requirements for hometown resets.

NOTE: Drow seeking a hometown reset to Menzoberranzan may not be male clerics, or those who have established themselves as not being sufficiently-evil followers of the goddess Lloth. Players may roll up a new Menzoberranzan based drow of the same race as an existing Dobloth Kyor drow and attain equal levels to obtain a name switch if they so choose.

A rough outline and description of the planned Saturday sessions follows:

Session 1: Some conversation for character introduction, bit of combat.

Session 2: Primarily conversation and negotiation, minimal combat.

Session 3: Primarily conversation and negotiation, minimal combat.

Session 4: Some combat, some subterfuge.

Session 5: Primarily combat, some conversation.

Session 6: Minimal conversation, primarily combat.

Please remember that we are accessible through tells, mmail and mmail rpq, and that we look forward to speaking with you. :)

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