Character Sharing and Character Hacking

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Character Sharing and Character Hacking

Postby Gorm » Tue May 31, 2005 2:12 pm

This is a reminder to everyone that plays here, that character sharing and or 'character hacking' is a serious rules infraction that will be punished very, very harshly.

We've seen/heard of a few instances of this recently and we want to take a moment to make sure you all understand that the rules prohibit this. So just a quick refresher.

1) NEVER share your password with anyone. If you have shared your password in the past, please change it as soon as possible.

Your password is for your eyes only and if you do share it and someone takes advantage of you, not only are they most likely going to be punished but you are going to have waived any chance of recourse you may have had.

2) If you know another characters password, you would be very wise not to make use of it. Which means don't try to log them in, take their equipment, etc. Having their permission is not an acceptable excuse.

This is just plain disrespectful and rude no matter what the reasoning is. It is also against the rules. I fully expect people here to act in a mature and responsible manner toward their fellow players. People have worked hard for what they have on the game and if someone did it to you, you would be pissed off. Just don't do it.

3) Sharing storage caches/storage characters is against the rules.

Don't give your password to someone so they can get something out of your storage cache or off your storage character. This is character sharing and is against the rules.

4) Do not try to 'guess' other players passwords based on what you may know of them. This is blatent character hacking and you will be caught and punished.

If you think it may be character sharing chances are it is. Please ask via petition and wait for an answer. Do not do anything that will put yourself or your characters in jeopardy.

The consequences for this sort of thing is up to an including being banned from the game and at the very least, most likely deletion for a first time offender. Please keep that in mind.

If you have any questions, please ask to speak with an administrator via petition.


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