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Sphere Email Addresses

Postby Shevarash » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:15 pm


In an effort to improve our out-of-game communication and facilitate faster assistance in Admin/Areas/Code/RPQ related matters, I have created 4 new email addresses, one for each sphere. Multiple people within each sphere have access to these accounts, so we can respond much faster. For instance, Cyric, Marthammor, Eilistraee, and myself all have access to the Areas account, so any one of us can respond to requests for zone help, resulting in a much quicker turn-around as well as making all of us aware of your needs.

Without further ado, the new email addresses are:

toril.admin@gmail.com - For all your Administration questions, character restore requests, etc.

toril.areas@gmail.com - For all Area-related questions, zone requests, zone submissions, area bugs, etc.

toril.code@gmail.com - Send bugs, or comments/questions relating to new code here.

toril.rpq@gmail.com - General questions about RPQ events can can be sent here.
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