Quest Item Hoarding and Trading.

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Quest Item Hoarding and Trading.

Postby Talona » Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:59 pm

A few issues have come to light over the last week regarding statless items required for various quests. Please be advised trade and hoarding of said items is ILLEGAL. I highly suggest those involved (and you know who you are) remedy the situation amongst yourselves as players, otherwise godly interventions will certainly be more harsh. Please review the specific rule, which can be found in game under "help rules," below:

It's pretty sad we have to add this, but some people are greedy
and mean. Anyone caught doing the following will be punished:
1. hoarding items needed for quests for no acceptable reason
(If you grab items needed to do a quest, you'd better do
the quest as soon as you are able.)
2. selling items needed only for quests that have no real eq value
3. stealing items needed for quests from mobs with the intention
of selling or giving them away
4. "twinking" quests by gathering up needed items and "hiding"
or renting with them
5. "twinking" any quest related mob or item to prevent people
from completing a part of or a full quest. This includes
killing the mob while people are in the zone trying to do
the quest.
6. preventing a quest load by sitting on the MUD with a quest
item that you are not actively using. If you cannot use
the item, RENT IT.

Violators will be harshly dealt with. It is *your* responsibility for knowing and abiding these rules. You have been warned.

It's hard for me to understand why anyone would want to deprive another player of a quest spell. I see multitudinous complaints about "the dwindling player base" this and that so much so that I shouldn't need to remind you it starts with you as players. At the very least, I expect each of you to abide within the rules and to respect the game and those who play and develop it.

Thanks for your attention and happy gaming.
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