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Exp tokens

Postby Dalar » Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:11 pm

Make a guy who accepts "tokens" from zones and gives a good amount of exp.

Split # of tokens and # of exp per zone into tiers.
Tier 1: Zones that are 4-7 man.
Tier 2: Zones that are 7-11 man.
Tier 3: Zones that are 12+.

I think this would be a good system to give a player something worth having after losing bids. For example, 8 people win in SM but the other 7 go away distraught. At least they get exp for their alts or their primaries.
It will be fixed in Toril 2.0.
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Re: Exp tokens

Postby Thilindel » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:31 pm

I fully agree. I quote Diablo II an awful lot because it's so damned fun to play. The idea is striking to Diablo's rewards. This mud doesn't hit that because drops are fixed. Time needed to just do one area can take hours. You can't solo zones like you can in Diablo..the mob's hps are relative to the volume of people in the game, etc for those who aren't familiar.

This idea definitely wouldn't let you go away feeling completely empty.
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