Izans fix please

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Izans fix please

Postby Malia » Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:57 am

Currenty Izans which has such awesome entry fight... isnt being done because its so broken. Its been broken since bandaid fix when patrols ran out of moves.

there are rare hidden items and rare keys that load on patrol leaders. What happens now is when leader runs out of moves it poofs and new leader pops and patrol keeps moving. This is so that groups dont wait till 40+ hours into boot and not have to fight all 5 patrols at once.

Down fall is that the rare keys and rare items on the patrol leaders poof with them and get dumped into some error room and wont load on the repops. Several quests and really nice items depend on these rare items that will no longer load if you wait more then 3 hours into boot to do izans.

This has been an ongoing problem and has been toriltracked at least 6months to a year ago. Can this please get looked at so we can do zone again and get right rewards?

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