SM the Hometown

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SM the Hometown

Postby Gormal » Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:03 pm

There's no note in the roller on what Silverymoon is and why only allow humans and halfelves to live there?

Hometown Selection
Humans and half-elves are permitted to choose among several towns as their
hometown. Note that the other races have separate hometowns that are not
listed here.

1. Waterdeep - Largest city on the Faerunian continent and the primary home
of humans. Waterdeep is located on northern west coast of the mainland.

2. Calimport - Southernmost city on the continent, surrounded by desert
to the north and east, and ocean to the south and west.

3. Leuthilspar - Located on the island of Evermeet and the home of the grey
elves. Evermeet is isolated from the main continent by a large ocean.

4. Baldur's Gate - Located near the the west coast, Baldur's is a hangout
for disreputable beings and is frequented by cutthroats and thieves.

Please choose among:
1) Waterdeep
21) Silverymoon

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