Some real gems from Axelrod

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Some real gems from Axelrod

Postby kiryan » Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:33 pm

More complaining about Republican outside groups spending on the election.

They cover this gem on page 1.

Obama became the first candidate to raise roughly $1 billion for his presidential bid.

They also briefly cover that he opted not to take public financing and John McCain did, but more importantly did not mention that he had promised to take public financing if his opponent did. Despite McCain going first and paving the way for a transparent election, Obama took the cash and bought the election.

Here's another gem. "That's not how we rule". Did you know Obama's administration rules you? Usually I think president's call this governing, not ruling. What did you expect from a town that produced Rob Blagovich?

Even so, Axelrod added, "I can guarantee that no one will be sitting at the table and saying, 'We won't go forward with this initiative because we are afraid it will antagonize someone, and Karl Rove can raise an extra $5 million from it.’ That's not how we rule."

Now is this the chicken or the egg? In the beginning of the article they try and say the Republicans were the chicken, at the end of the article they refer to the 2006/2008 campaigns where the Democrats started this. So which is it the chicken or the egg? Unions have been spending millions to buy elections for decades, they are clearly the chiken (btw the chicken did come first, there is an enzyme critical to the egg structure that is provided by the chicken).

“We just copied what [the Democrats had] done previously, and it worked well for us,” said Forti. “In the interest of continuing to evolve, we have to look at what the next cycle brings and how to attack it.”
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