Nice try, even if it cost 140 million, its still cheaper

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Nice try, even if it cost 140 million, its still cheaper

Postby kiryan » Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:57 pm ... 85417.html

Liberals make the claim that AZ lost 140 million in business due to boycotts over the immigration law... Retalitory decisions made by states and companies trying to tell AZ how to govern (unions and liberal cities) that didn't have anything to do with the law except liberals wanted to punish AZ.

But lets look at suggested savings of the law in the first place. ... state.html

There is 22 million in prison costs... in year 1. If it continued to have a deterrent effect on illegal immigration in AZ, those savings would obviously continue each year. Also, not considering if illegal immigration would've gone up which has been the typical. So you could call it 30 or 40 million if you wanted.

"The State Criminal Alien Assistance Program provided Arizona and its counties $19 million in fiscal 2009, according to the U.S. Justice Department. There are estimates that the Arizona Department of Corrections alone spends at least $130 million imprisoning illegal immigrants annually. "

And look at the even broader picture, AZ spends 130 million a year imprisoning illegal immigrants and only gets reimbursed about 19million from the feds. If immigration is the sole responsibility of the federal government, how come they aren't paying for it?

and we haven't even looked at medical costs of illegals or education costs of illegals or the costs to print every sign and document in spanish and english or pay rate differentials to state employees who speak spanish.

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