Environmentalists halting the green energy industry

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Environmentalists halting the green energy industry

Postby kiryan » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:51 pm


Who didn't know this was coming? and really this piece is more about the potential to see the same thing we see in oil and gas projects, but you can already see that the fundamental conflicts have not changed... habitat for animals, protection for animals etc etc etc. how is that fundamentally different than oil and gas other than climate change?

However more importantly, it occurs to me that we have a department of government that doesn't need to exist anymore. The interior department. I mean you can't move forward on a project until the environmental groups sign off on it since they'll sue you over anything they disagree with.

Why have an interior department at all? They either aren't doing their job or can't do their job since they keep getting sued. We should just turn over permitting to the Sierra Club. Oh btw, did you know there is a special federal fund for paying eco lawyers to sue the government?

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