Bribery vs political donations

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Bribery vs political donations

Postby kiryan » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:46 pm

This is an interesting article. It calls out political donations as bribery and notes a recent industry group as basically saying our job is to influence policy.... which if you couple with "we give money" does sound an awful lot like bribery.

There are some good questions here and I think its worthy of being re-examined by society... even by judges. I encourage you to consider it in a broader context because while the article specifically picks on big oil, how are they different than unions and environmental groups. I can't go along with this idea if it only applies to GOP donors. ... 29278.html

Favorite quote:

"But there is one crucial group of Americans who for more than 100 years have held it as an article of faith that a campaign contribution is different than a bribe -- federal judges."

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