right and wrong

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right and wrong

Postby kiryan » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:44 pm

Dad promises to murder his son's killer when he gets out of jail.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41963513/ns ... nd_courts/

The right!

Three cheers for Dad. Good show old man, I wish you luck and yes, you need to blame yourself for agreeing to the plea deal that will see your son's killer released from jail for good behavior. I hope you show more resolve in accepting your necessary and proper punishment for the murder you hope to commit than you did on the plea deal. No sniveling for leniency, open and shut case, trial should last about 2.2 seconds and if you get the death penalty, waive your appeals.

(the comments are great. "no comment, dad will take care of it" "keep your powder dry" "good hunting")

Now, lets attack the wrongness.

Amy Kempe, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, said in a statement Monday that he was concerned and outraged about Woodmansee's scheduled release, The Associated Press reported.

== um ok... I'm not real excited about you being outraged over a case you didn't oversee in a different time.

Kempe said Kilmartin had asked Rhode Island's Department of Corrections to look into ways to keep Woodmansee in prison.

== WTF are you doing. Where the fuk do you get the right to go back for a second bite at the apple? This guy had a trial accepted a plea deal... its done. Governmetn doesn't get to keep persecuting someone on some sort of vengenance or vendetta...

Patricia Coyne-Fague, chief legal counsel for the Department of Corrections, said that the only way an inmate could lose his entitlement to early release for good behavior was if he did something wrong.

== ok fuk me harder, a inmate has an ENTITLEMENT to early release for good behavior? what the fuk.

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