Sued in civil court for stealing her husband

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Sued in civil court for stealing her husband

Postby kiryan » Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:20 am ... 47730.html

I first read about this a couple years ago, but appraently she won. She sued another woman for breaking up her marriage under an archaic apparently misogynistic law whose premise is that women were property so wooing a married woman was equivalent to stealing.

Regardless, I think its hillarious and I think she makes a good point here, infidelity can do real harm.

Another irony is that Shackelford says she wants to make the point that infidelity can do real harm. Why is this ironic? Because we live in a society that treats infidelity as a juicy scandal without any lasting consequences. The real harm infidelity does is rarely acknowledged. ABC News reported Shackelford as claiming her distress over her husband's alleged affair caused her health problems, including severe weight loss. She worries about how her children, now 23 and 27, are coping with the mess. Despite the casual attitude of our society towards adultery, the consequences are real, and dire. Being dumped after 30 years of marriage can destroy both your health and sanity. Most people bounce back, some never do.

== yep, real harm is done and the health affects of marriage have been documented to some degree.

The irony is that feminists once supported the switch to no-fault divorce, although it's turned out that women and children are the ones who suffer. Unless the couple is wealthy, there's never enough cash to support both the ex wife and new mistress in the style to which both have been accustomed. The mistress usually wins and the cast off old wife and her children get shafted. In Shackelford's case she's making the point that her husband is worth something, i.e. money, and she'd like what he's worth.

== true, but its scary. getting married apparently entitles you to the "lifestyle" that you gain from marrying the other person and you have the right to sue for what you lost... Laurel better not leave me because its going to cost a lot in hookers to replace the amount of sex I get.

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