Golfing on Memorial Day

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Golfing on Memorial Day

Postby Teflor Lyorian » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:58 am ... sidential/

I find this to be interesting, first, that the media invented a controversy during the P. Bush years about his golfing habits, which Bush then gave up because he thought it sent the wrong message to military families while their loved ones were deployed in war zones, second, that Bush set a trend internationally that P. Obama is ignoring, and third, that the leftist media has given up its golfing habits obsession all-of-a-sudden for Obama.

Certainly, Obama is not the first president to golf on memorial day, but it's interesting to see how we're seen by the world. I wonder if it would be better if he chose to play golf with some veterans.
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Re: Golfing on Memorial Day

Postby kiryan » Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:51 pm

I 100% agree with the sentiment of the article... especially with the media's treatment of Obama.

In defense of Obama who was among the first to stop wearing the American flag pin during the lead up to 2008, appearances mean dick if theres no substance behind it or you are doing it simply because everyone else is. I don't see him as a person who feels the need to justify his actions or put on appearances in these regards.

What democrat can truly be said to really be behind the military. Why would Obama go out of his way to add to and glorify the military that he thinks has been misused throughout the past 10 years and probably all of history as well? The liberal mindset is attuned for things like the peace corp, the americorps, organizing for america... not for the national guard or the marines.

Part 2 of the defense would include the president is a stressful job, if he "needs" to golf to deal with the stress because that works best for him or he needs more vacation than Bush did all things being equal, whatever. I don't think anyone who doesn't sit in that chair can really know what it takes to remain functioning.

The problem is however, for a president who is so eager to have "teachable moments", he utterly failed on Monday... and it does break with long standing traditions which as the head of our nation he does have an obligation to perform as part of doing his job as president properly.

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